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    <p>1942 North Africa</p><p>Our forces have just been pushed back by the British at El Alamein.</p><p>The British are now moving westward to take advantage of our loss.</p><p>As a German tank commander you must help stop the British advance in order to allow our troops to regroup. Your mission is to destroy any/all British vehicles you encouter in and effort to slow their advance.</p><p>You can expect to encounter a mix of British tanks and other vehicles. You score points for destroying enemy ground forces.</p><p>You lose Health by being hit by enemy ground and air forces. You will have a limited amount of ammo - so choose your targets wisely.</p><p>Three different levels of play - Rookie, Experienced and ACE are available. Earn a Gold, Silver or Bronze medal based upon your performance.</p><p>Good Luck Commander...</p><p>PLEASE NOTE - THE GAME FILES FOR THIS VERSION OF THE GAME ARE IN HTML5 FORMAT. YOU MUST PLAY THE GAME USING A BROWSER PROGRAM.</p>

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