Action RPG hack&slash inventory (Game Templates)

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    <p>Buy now and give feedback, i make update for you</p><p>leave refernece and stars, only now proce is Low in future this template will be cost 20GBP</p><p>all updates is free stuff</p><p>This template gives you posibility to start making own Action RPG games.</p><p>Each step in event sheet is grouped and commenced for better understand and simpliest to modify needed part of game</p><p>Needed Bhavior you find in archive</p><p>Features</p>

    • inventory works with other levels/layouts (you dont have to worry about saving each state of your slots, all inventory goes automatically to other layout!)
    • easy change skin of hero / enemies
    • easy change statistics of oponents (events do all automatically)
    • picking up items/spells from ground
    • simple method of loot edit, easy to change items to drop from enemies
    • drop iten on ground from inventory
    • equipping / unequipping different weapons, spells and armors
    • simple implementing new items with 3 steps
    • changing name of oponents is extremaly easy
    • complete leveling system
    • easy change weapon graphics (other you find in project)
    • enemy AI (spotted and counting before attack)
    • two levels in template
    • cooldown spell
    • complete save and load system
    • useful mini radar

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