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  • Apparently, Assnage isn't actually an eccentric egomanic, contrary to reports...

    [quote:1710ftep]As for Assange, he is an impressive figure. Highly intelligent, articulate and deeply committed to his cause. And he certainly isn't in it for the money. For someone under immense pressure he was remarkably calm, focused and measured.

    Contrary to reports that he is an eccentric egomaniac, he gave every appearance of being good-tempered and humoured, ready to discuss issues and carefully consider advice. He is certainly a strategic thinker with a fair amount of political and media nous that has turned his organisation into a global phenomenon.

    Having entered into talks on the basis of confidentiality, I will not repeat his observations but I found him a highly engaging, thoughtful conversationalist.

    He pays close attention to political developments in Australia and has a keen sense of the importance of encouraging more openness.

    That article is certainly an interesting read on Assnage and how WikiLeaks operates.

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  • this:

    [quote:1wj354i4]That and they have the moral memory of a goldfish.

    ad that

    [quote:1wj354i4]If Assange was chinese, the West would have called him a dissident and awarded him the Nobel Peace prize. The hypocrisy is astounding.

    all of them are just a bounch of bipolar self called Robin Hoods with splited personality.

  • Wikileaks = Boring.Why? , No aliens , Area 51 secrets and no echelon secrets revealed.It's only a bunch of political crap.Wikileaks show us how to make an A-Bomb , now that would be dangerous.

    The best part which i liked from wikileaks is how america described my country's president's.


    Read this and tell me it all is just political crap.


    Read this and tell me it all is just political crap.

    I did hmm interessting stuff.But it's still boring.

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