What's a Scirra?

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  • also, curious. anyone call it con'struct instead of construct',

    as in the noun instead of the verb?   ? I kinda wanted to, but it just didn't roll off the tongue very well.

    I didn't realize that construct and construct have different pronunciations. <img src="smileys/smiley5.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • As far as I'm concerned I pronounced 'Scirra' "? la" French.

    So silent C, "pinched" I (the pronounciation of the letter "e" in english) and open A as in "bra".

    Thats exactly how I pronounce it, but just because i'm brazilian. Also the double R sounds like H as in "house" or "harsh"

  • Skirra sounds better although it's pronounced scirra with a silent c.It's like Mortal Kombat.Wow imagine Mortal Combat with a silent C lol.Skieraaaahh di uken!!!.

  • What is a Scirra?

    Meaning : 1. Super Cool 2. Internationally Renowned 3.Radically Awesome

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  • Heh, old thread by the way.

    I've noticed over time people pronounce both "Scirra" and "Construct" differently depending on region/accent/etc. I don't think it matters, there's no one "correct" way to say it :)

  • I always pronounced "Scirra" like it is :D It's totally country/region dependant.

  • Ashley admitted on the first page that he caved and called it "skeeruh". Case closed. LOL

    I would agree that the "sc" (as in "scissors") might be a silent-C, but then, "scirra" isn't a normal word in any language (certainly not English). THUS, it's quite reasonable to think that the C is a K-sound letter. sKirra.

  • You are all wrong...

    It is pronounced...




    Silent C dudes and dudettes...

    Silent C!


    So you are saying that Ra is a skier???

    Sun god + snow = ???

  • I'm just too late to join the discussion....a year late -____-

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