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  • We'll probably want to upscale host at some point soon (ish) so I was wondering what members here could recommend for web hosting.

    Here's roughly what we'll need:

    100mb or so disk space

    100gb transfer a month

    PHP support

    MySQL support

    Ruby support

    Price should be anything between 10-15$ a month, preferably.


  • http://www.hosting-review.com/?gclid=CN ... 5Qodrmm_uQ

    The first three look like they have all that



    those three are under 5 dollars a month and have unlimited bandwidth.

  • I'm wary of very cheap hosts, 5 dollars for what we want sounds too cheap, to sound pedantic..

    I'd rather we picked a large reputable host with very few complaints and a price which doesn't seem unrealistic.

  • This also goes for hosts who offer 100% uptime or unlimited bandwidth; it's impossible to offer either .

  • FatCow looks pretty reliable and professional, though I would do some research if I was you.

  • Have you heard about NearlyFreeSpeech? ( https://www.nearlyfreespeech.net/ ) They have a little different pricing policy; you only pay for what you use. It's best for little sites, because usually hosting packets have way too big limits, (and thus, way too big price) So, it scalable.

    Their prices are bind into their own hardware and transfer expenses, so it shouldn't be too expensive. Check it out.

    (Hm, it may be that this site's transfer rates are so high that NearlyFreeSpeech isn't very good choice :o)

    DreamHost is also pretty well-known and good provider... ( http://www.dreamhost.com/ )

  • FatCow doesn't appear to have ruby, and the pay as you go thingy looks to be expensive for 100gb .

    DreamHost ticks all the boxes but I have heard negative things about it, I'll have to re look into them.

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  • I highly recommend aplus.net. 200GB storage/2000GB transfer for 7.50/month and great service. I've used them for years.

  • http://www.netfirms.com/web-hosting/

    2000 GB monthly transfer, $8.95, quite a few features. Has a lot of spiffy badges, too.

  • Yeah, well, MY hosting's got lotsa spiffy badges too! ->http://www.aplus.net/why/web-hosting-awards/ And MORE of them! So it's BETTER!

    (kidding, kidding)

  • Try looking through webhostingtalk.

  • As per discussion on cha last night, I still suggest JUSTHOST is the best option.

    • $4.95 a month
    • 99.5% uptime
    • Unlimited space (within fair use policy)
    • Unlimited bandwidth (within fair use policy)
    • Ruby Support
    • PHP Support
    • Free Domain for life

    I can't find a SINGLE bad review, or even someone on a forum complaining about JustHost... all of the TOP 10 HOSTS listings I have looked at have JustHost listed somewhere in the top 5... and even the website that exists solely to talk about bad hosting gives JustHost a big thumbs up.

    I say go with JustHost... if not for a few months to give them a test run. You can't really lose anything apart from the time spent porting the database across etc.


  • I also recommend JustHost! I've been researching hosts recently and they were the host thats caught my eye. The only thing is it costs an extra 9.95 for ssh (you may never need it of course). Also, if you use the coupon code "50OFF" it takes it down to �1.98 a month I think (over two years)! and that is a bargain!

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