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    Recently watched through season 1 of Wakfu, starting on season 2 now. I must say, it's nice to see animation with a lot of effort put into it created outside of Japan (though it's anime-esque in its style for characters). Made by Ankama, a french studio which also makes games based on the setting (well, the game, Dofus, came first).

    Apparently their main tool is Flash. Kinda sets the bar for what people can do with it. =)

    Anyone else seen it?

  • No, I signed up for the beta of the game after discovering the artist behind all that awesome on deviant art, but never got a chance to play it. I didn't know there was an animation of it, that's a mustsee for me now

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  • Make sure you watch it in french. The french voice actors are great. Nox (the character in my avatar) is awesomely voiced.

  • Just found this:

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    I understand virtually nothing of what they say, but it's really cool nonetheless. =) Love behind the scenes stuff.

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