The Un Official Construct 2 Jam Vote

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    The main site <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    7Soul jayderyu C-7 ArcadEd GeometriX You can vote their now, Sorry for misunderstanding.

  • Community jams are awesome! I'm in favor of jams that give non mechanic specific theme, but in the case of it being a construct 2 only jam I can see it working with a mechanic based theme as well.

    You mentioned limiting the rules so it matches the free version. That would also exclude the use of families and limiting effects to a max of 2 right?

  • That's right, But it's up to the voting you just voted on ;D

    If most voters had a license there will be no limitations.

  • elafreat I own a license but I'm also in favor of keeping the free version restrictions. Reason being is, it's a nod toward bringing new people to Construct 2. And for a short time length jam. These restrictions won't hinder experienced users much. At most it would be a mild extra layer of challenge for those users.

    Beyond the voting you set up <img src="smileys/smiley20.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    what are your thoughts on submission?

    Post to a thread, combined or individual? Upload to arcade? maybe even try and convince Scirra to make a category for the jam, if it all works out.

  • onzephyr Well .. Other people won't be happy that's why i am waiting for the vote to ends (When it reaches 10 votes).

    Anyway .. I was planning to leave the limitations but some people didn't like that ... So .. Users with FREE edition can participate but people with licenses have advantage ..

    Anyway it will be mini-games so no need for 100+ events unless it's really good.

    And for the submission i am thinking about it ...

  • Okay guys, The voting is over.. Results can be found : HERE

    There's another voting but it was up to the first one ..

    Since "Judges judge the submitted games" gained 6/10 votes there's a voting for three more judges. Go HERE for more info.


    Hadzy Hayman

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  • Finally, An official site ...

    Hey guys, I've been surfing the internet for days and i have found the best way to communicate ...

    So .. The site will be found HERE.

    Please guys sign up their and ask anything you want :)


    Hadzy Hayman

  • <font size="6">Official Thread Here // Click</font>

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