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  • For a new avatar and sig yet?

    I've had these for...well, awhile now.


  • I tried to vote change chix leave vrrm, but aparently that's an invalid vote

    I like the vrrm, but i've jerked of to the chick too many times at this point. No but seriously, a new avatar. No chick.

  • Yeah I can't vote either... for some reason any vote on any poll is invalid for me.

    Also, it has to be a chick... but a fresh one with less jerking-off to her. What kind of me would I be if I didn't have a chick on my avatar? Come on, seriously xD.


  • so... an ugly chick? Now when you put it like that, what kind of you would you be if the girl didn't have some jerking-of to her? I've always wondered why you even have the face in the picture. (maybe forum rules..)

  • 370 go away stupid car same goes with 350 so dont think about changin to that!

  • Change the chicks, leave the vrrrm, I say.

    Seriously, every time I see your avatar, I wonder who that is. I seem to remember her in a movie with fast cars or motorcycles. Dunno if I'd recognize her with different hair, though.

    I like the sig style, but I guess you could do something similar...

  • I liked your old sig soooo much better......

  • Finally, a serious and important discussion!

    I vote more hot chicks..

  • She looks like she's made of plastic. Well actually she probably is.

  • I liked your old sig soooo much better......

    Same, but we had a complaint so I removed it.

    I thought it was pretty tame personally, but it gave some young person a hard-on or something.

    Best to keep the girls to a face only, and cars for the sig.

    Might do another kick-ass Nissan, like the new skyline or something.


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  • I vote for some imaginary chic of some sort, anime or 3d rendered, preferably rendered, and if there's vrrm, that should be either imaginary or tricked out to a insanely ridiculous level




  • Funny I don't see any of the female users voicing their opinion.

  • Moar hot chicks it is...

    When I feel the urge to waste time, I shall waste it on redoing my stuff.

    Thank you all for your participation


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