[Survey] Your average "developer" time in a week.

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    You can work 20 hours a day, but to do so consistently and without weekends is insane.

    "Top execs" work a lot, sure, but they too are human and need sleep. 20hrs/day 365days/yr is unsustainable and I doubt it's even possible.

    Maybe the issue is that I'm thinking "billable hours" (that is, hours you are actually working and could bill a client for them), whereas they could simply mean "hours on the job-place" (that is, hours you spend sitting in front of a computer or in an office), where you'd get something like 30~60% productivity. If you discount lunch breaks and commute time, and you work from home, the hours become intertwined with "waking hours", which are suddenly a lot more believable.


    Just accept that your comments are unacceptable, apologize, and move on.

    No. No one consistently works 122 hours a week for years.

    It's not possible unless you twist your definition of "work".

    If you are going to call someone a liar, best have supporting facts to back your accusation. Assumptions count for naught. Best to say nothing.

    Not really, I don't.

    “If you work consistently long hours, over 45 a week every week, it will damage your health, physically and psychologically. In the UK we have the second-longest working hours in the developed world, just behind the States and we now have longer hours than Japan,” Professor Cary Cooper – Lancaster University Management School.

    how about some crazy people?

    "Sincerity begins at a little over 100 hours a week. You can probably get to 110 hours on a sustained basis, but it's hard. You have to get down to eating once a day and showering every other day, things of that sort to really get your life organized to work 110 hours."

    - Len Bosack, co-founder, Cisco Systems, and hero to the hardcore

    source. Sounds reasonable?



    turns out working 100 hours a week is really bad. Who knew?

    Even sweatshop workers put in less than 120 hours/week

    working 80-100 hours a week is really bad

    You will suffer a lot of health problems

    Ever heard of the japanese word "karoshi"? It means death by overwork.

    Have a day job: Yes

    Occupation: Student, Tech Industry

    Average time spent developing in one week: ~5 hours (changes per week)

    Out of curiosity, would it be easier if you made a Google form or Survey Monkey survey for this? That would help organize your results a lot easier.


    Reported. Your comments are unacceptable. Calling people a liar is not cool.

    Edit: Google spits out whatever you put into it. Try proving people right, before proving them wrong.


    Reported. Your comments are unacceptable. Calling people a liar is not cool.

    Now you're reporting me to moderators because you disagree? You wish to censor my comments? That's what's not cool.

    Also where did I call him a liar? I said specifically that I didn't believe him. And I don't: extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and a sustained 122 hour workweek is an extraordinary claim that, unless backed up by evidence (and no, your anecdotal "evidences" don't count) simply cannot be lent credibility.

    Let's revise the rules to see which ones I broke:

    • Your fellow members should be treated with respect at all times. I wasn't disrespectful. I specifically avoided insults. I only called into question his claim. In fact, I'm being so respectful that I'm concerned for his health.
    • Disagreements are common, but you should always make an effort to resolve them in a polite manner. Have I not done so? There's a difference between politeness and mindless acceptance.
    • The following activities are prohibited:Flaming Not really applicable. It should be sufficiently clear that my intent isn't to derail the thread or cause drama
    • Personal attacks Attacking claims isn't the same as attacking people. Argumentum ad rem is the opposite of Argumentum ad hominem.
    • The General Rule: Don't be a jerk. This is subjective. I don't see how I'm being a jerk.

    Thank you DUTOIT but its ok. He just got under my skin because I have been arguing with the wife over that very matter. But otherwise he's entitled "think" what he likes. Just caught me off guard and bad timing.

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    Shrug, dont argue on the internet guys, closed.

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