So... Stencyl just released some playable demos.

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  • So is Construct going to get check boxes or not?

    We have to keep up with the competition!!! The Event sheet NEEDS check boxes!

  • I've been moonlighting as a Stencyl beta tester for a couple of months now, when time allows (I'm a busy guy). I just want to say a couple of things, hopefully without breaching the NDA in the process:

    • The programming system, strange though it looks, is probably the closest thing I've experienced to proper programming in a drag and drop system.
    • The games they have demoed are not the only ones in existence, are they are still in development. There are many more in the beta community, including one of mine.
    • The engine is Java based (pulpcore) and the games play in the browser, which means no hardware acceleration. It's a trade off of power vs. cross platform compatibility.
    • The big selling point for Stencyl is the collaboration. There is a real emphasis on sharing resources and creating reusable assets, so that devs don't have to reinvent the wheel all the time.

    Overall, it's a decent game making system, and like all such systems it all depends on the talents of the people using it. There is enough flexibility in the software for someone talented to do some impressive work. I wouldn't necessarily say that it is competing with Construct - they have an entirely different set of objectives.

  • Thanks for the info, GMG.

  • Can't seem to run those demos. It wants me to install the latest Java release (Version 6 Update 19) and I've got it installed.

  • I played all three and I think the mech on was the worst of all of them with clunky unorthodox controls, the pumpkin one was pretty much the same way, it was very glidy controls and made no sense, and the space man one was at least interesting, and i played that until I got to the ship and then I couldn't figure out what to do on the desert planet.

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  • <img src=""> Pic of StencylWorks from

  • Now for me, it looks like a mix of Scratch and GameSalad (iPhone drag-n-drop programming).

    Well, maybe I'm wrong.

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