Solid Tiles Are Not Behaving as Such (in a Shmup)

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  • So, after staring at this for a while, I'm finally frustrated enough to ask for help.

    I am making a side-scrolling shmup in Construct2, and I have my tile map for the scenery and corridors to fly through (think Gradius). I have my Tile Maps set to the "Solid" behavior, but I can still freely fly over them when I test the game. I would like the ship to merely but up against them, but not through them, and in some aspects, be destroyed by coming into contact with certain pieces of the Tile Map.

    I went over the shmup tutorials from Kyatric, which were really helpful in the basic design, but nothing in those tutorials covered tile maps. In the Tile Map instructions, they merely say to set the Tile Map to "Solid." So I'm not sure what else to look into. Any help will be greatly appreciated (especially if it fixes my issue) as I'd love to be able to move on with my design!

  • What behavior do you have on the ship?

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  • Just Bound to Layout.

  • If I give the player the "Platform" behavior, it falls to the bottom of the screen and no longers moves around like a shmup ship should be able to.

  • Awwwww crap. That's what I needed. I shut off the gravity in Platform. Yeesh. I'm still getting used to Construct2 and as I figured, I overlooked something obvious, which was to assign the proper behaviors to the player ship.

    So then my next question is, how do I program the ship to be destroyed if pushed off-screen by the environment?

  • If nothing else works, put two invisible sprites outside of the screen or on the border, that trigger the destruction of sprites?

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