So.. what do you guys do?

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  • Just starting out at Tafe (you Aussies will know what it is). Doing Certificate III in Network Administration, we start out doing the plain old hardware/software stuff - learning about using DOS, BIOS, building computers and ports, that sort of thing, then we do some stuff like installing and optimizing OSes (we did a bit of this, and as an experiment we installed Mac OS onto normal hardware - it was hilarious).

    Aside from that, I've been learning Torquescript and have become quite an avid Blockland player (hence the learning the Torquescript), and it's opened my eyes a great deal on the ways a lot of things work. Everything in Construct seems a lot simpler now, but at the same time it feels a lot more restricted as well, so I'm considering setting aside some time to learn Python too.

    I've also got a part-time/casual job at a local internet cafe - on my nights off, I can use their computers free of charge for just about anything I want, it's giving me some experience in tech support, and I'm also using the cash to save for a new PC of my own (plus I get special deals on a lot of hardware from there - and I recently picked up two semi-new 8600 cards for the price of one as well - such a pity I lack a computer with a PCI-E compatible motherboard )

    It's also giving me some experience at basically blind operating of the BIOS, as the better part of the backends on the internet cafe computers is in Chinese.

    And I've managed to get myself into a long-distance relationship with a girl in Montreal. I've been busy these past few months

    I know why people hate long-distance relationships. It's not so much that you can't be physically together, as her and I seem to fit together like Yin and Yang - even by name - but it's waking up in the morning, and thinking for a second that she's there, then realizing that she's not. While I've never been happier in my life (I have actually been diagnosed as being free of depression - for the first time in almost twelve years), waking up has never been more sad.

  • I'm 24 and work at stupid Officeworks part time

    I failed a digital arts and media course back when i though i was going to be a graphic artist for a living, since then i've discovered music and can now play a host of instruments although i can only really play guitar well, maybe piano.

    I like music such as dream theater, sonata arctica, nightwish, kamelot, symphony x etc to name a few but i also love a lot of classical and romantic stuff, and i still quite enjoy a lot of electronic music and game music, i do a little composing but not much.

    I'm currently in my third year of a music degree and am going to be a music teacher.

    I do however quite enjoy making games on the side not to mention playing lots of thems

  • I read few posts and noticed few:

    Vinny learn Finnish its the best language after english You dont need swedish for anything but finnish for everything like talkin to me:P

    I just play pc games and stuff like that

  • I read few posts and noticed few:

    Vinny learn Finnish its the best language after english You dont need swedish for anything but finnish for everything like talkin to me:P

    I just play pc games and stuff like that

    Sagal puhutko suomea? Min� puhun v�h�n, mutta se on vaikea US...

    That's probably not proper Finnish...

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  • I keep my self pretty busy. I got to school for graphic design and art and work as an independent computer technician (like geek squad only I charge less but make a lot more since I don't have to share my earnings. :3).

    Casually, besides making games, I draw (though not terribly well. has my art), play fighting games fairly competitively (as In a travel to tournaments) and basically take up little hobbies here and their like yo-yos, or magic tricks or butterfly knives. Little dexterity hobbies. Right now I'm also learning to solve rubik's cube fast. I'm down to a minute and 30 seconds average. I want to push my self to under a minute average. I don't think I have the time and attention to reach the '20 second' mark. I'm also an active roleplayer and general geek.

  • I am the co-director of a computer store in a major shopping complex in Adelaide. Other than working all the time, I like to hang out with my wife and daughter, mess around on my PC (which is at a friends house at the moment), and sometimes relax with a few drinks and a good movie or something.

    I tend to be busy all the time doing something or other... so trying to squeeze in game development for me comes in bursts. I will often work on something for several days straight, but then not be able to touch it again for a week or more due to my hectic lifestyle.

    It sucks becoming "older" and more "responsible". I want to be a kid again... I miss being able to do what I wanted outside of having to go to school.

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