SERIOUS problem with my mobile site!

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  • Hi all,

    I'm having some SERIOUS problems with my mobile site! Basically, my code works fine on my computer.

    Here's the issue on mobile devices:

    Within the first 2 seconds of the page loading, everything runs perfectly fine. After 2 seconds, nothing is clickable - the page is essentially frozen. My HTML links do not work, users are unable to scroll, zoom in or out, etc. The game is still running, but nothing is responding.

    Here's what I've tried:

    1. Searching Scirra forums/Google for over 24 hours.

    2. Re-exporting the file from Construct 2: This option works - but after adding any sort of HTML link to the page, same issue. In fact, one time I uploaded the project to my server, copy pasted the text into another file, and the second file did not work on mobile, with the EXACT SAME CODE (referencing the same files.)

    3. I felt like it had something to do with reloading the page. Many times, the first time my mobile browser loaded the game, it would work fine. I disabled all caching/web storage - this did not fix the issue.

    4. Using incognito modes, clearing site data.

    5. I used a javascript function to reload the page every 5 seconds. One out of 10 times, the site loaded fine, and I was able to click all of the links and buttons normally.

    Below, I've provided links to my website, The only piece of code I've added in Jquery is:


    var windowname =;



    As you can see, in the desktop version, the game returns the object ID of the object clicked.

    In the mobile version, when the site is FIRST LOADED, the same thing will work.

    90% of the time, after 2 seconds, the site freezes. I'm stumped. Somebody please put me out of this misery. I feel like it has something to do with the canvas creation - when I disable that one line


    my code works. This is further evidence that the problem is most likely a Construct 2 problem. Below, I've attached a picture of the way I used to look before encountering this glitch

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Now, I've become a shadow of my former self... I've lost all confidence in programming I once had. I tried to take a picture of my face but my camera lens broke due to the dreariness of the shot.

    Any help is seriously appreciated. In fact, maybe just a "hey man, you'll get this to work one day and feel much better" comment here or there.

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  • What device/os/browser are you running on? Is it the same using a different device, OS or browser?

  • Thanks for your response!

    I've tried two separate 3rd generation iphones and my samsung Galaxy s3 - so I've used Safari, Chrome, and also tried Firefox. While loading - the page is fine - the data pops up if you select an artist and you can zoom in and out. Once its loaded, the page is usually frozen.

  • I am having this exact issue with a current project I am working on. The game runs fine on desktop but the webpage completely freezes on mobile. Was there ever a solution to this?

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