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  • So, here we go again. After Nintendo, Sony and a few more, this time Sega was the victim, and the hackers stole informations about 1.3 million customers... ... ack-attack

    It's kind of funny, because those firms now suffer from something they provoked themselves, when insisting on online user profiles. Anyone know of the good old times, where you just bought a game in a store, then installed it and never had to give any information?

    Steam next?

  • Steam isn't next... they're behind it all! This is all an elaborate plot to get people to sign up for Steam! IT'S A CONSPIRACY!

  • "LULZ"

    Seriously Anon needs to knock it off. This guise of hacking for the sake of bringing risks to attention is going to ruin the net for everybody.

    They need to remember governments don't always put out fires. Sometimes they blow crap up to stop the fire from spreading.

    If you want to prove there are flaws, then fine, do it the right way.

  • I'm kind of concidering myself lucky that I don't play online on consoles and that I'm skipping most of curent gen stuff

    You forgot to mention that LuLSec is not behind it and they offering sega help to find the hacers who did hack in to it. Creazy in it?

  • There seems to be a lot of hacking going on these days - at least they're definitely proving the point everyone needs to batten down the hatches and make sure their websites and software are secure

  • [quote:2vemyvqs]Steam isn't next... they're behind it all! This is all an elaborate plot to get people to sign up for Steam! IT'S A CONSPIRACY

    Maybe they were hacked already ? .

  • How does anyone know that Anon did it? I would say that LULZ Security did it but I read that LULZ Sec was talking about helping SEGA (I thought those Lulz guys hated EVERYBODY) The list for people getting hacked is building: Sony, Nintendo, Bethasda, Sega and I think a few more. This seriously needs to stop.

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  • That sucks... these attacks would make a perfect excuse to lock the internet, for "security reasons".

    (on an unrelated note, thepiratebay and megaupload have just been censored two days ago in Malaysia, and now hackers are taking down all government related websites..not sure how this thing will end)

  • LulzSec is changing its tone right now because ANOTHER hacker has them by the balls and found out who they were.

    There is no defense for what those idiots have done, and no real "justification" for their actions.

    But you're right, this hacking bullshit is really just annoying and has lost any (non)charm it had.

  • It's all about the money.How much do you think those hackers got from each account if they only subtracted $1 from each account?.They will keep on doing it and it will never stop.Hackers these days aren't doing it for fame or to soothe their little ego's ,They are doing it for the money.

  • How does anyone know that Anon did it?

    No one does, and even if a hacker group call themselves Anonymous, that doesn't change anything.

    Anonymous, supposedly, has no organization (which is why I facepalmed when the spanish police claimed thay catched 3 ringleaders of Anonymous), stealing doesn't flow with Anonymous ideals.

    But anyone can claim to belong to Anonymous, and there's really nothing to that. Blaming Anonymous is as effective as saying "Everyone is guilty!".

    The Extra Credits guys say it better than I can. ... -Anonymous

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