Are you religious?

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  • lol sorry I hope you realise I was being a dick on purpose

  • Evolution is just a theory. You have no proof, we have faith.

    <giggle> Are you for real? Just a theory?

    Evolution is a theory, which means that people have been systematically trying to prove it wrong but have failed to find any contradictions that required anything more than some minor refinements. It may be wrong, but so far hasn't been shown to be. (Look up "scientific method" and "falsifiability" in your favourite encyclopaedia). Creationism is just a statement with no chance of ever becoming a theory because it isn't susceptible to evidence and testing.

  • Evolution nor Creation have either been proven nor disproven. There is evidence that evolution may have been the way we came to be, however given the natural changes in history, humans have not been around long enough for such things to occur at the rate at which has been implied via scientific carbon dating. There is also evidence that the bible existed, and that predicitons within have come true 1000's of years after they were written... but it could just be coincedence or people seeking the answer to the question.

    Basically, you believe whatever you want... nobody is right or wrong because nobody else can prove otherwise.


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  • quote:"I know god!/She's black!"

    That being said I've tried to see all types views on religion and god including Christian,Atheist, Buddhist,Hindu,gnostic and bit of the dark arts(note: jews and islam not included).

    And I can say without a problem that this world is Strange with allot more to it that we can perceive

    And if you don't understand what I mean by strange, think twilight zone on a epic scale.

    Thing is there is a God(or The Nothing to Buddhist) and there is evolution(note: genesis is how stupid people perceive how the big bang occurred,check NIV and have a bit of imagination with simple words cause in those times words like stars,nebula and explosions didn't exist) with aliens and different dimensions to spice things up.

    Also the humans specie with the "gap" from Neanderthal(witch are smarter stronger better but can't speak) to numbskull .. I mean Homo Sapience has a big plot twist in it,with a bunch more throughout our history.

    Right now I don't have a current religion but I believe in something more powerful then god, in the people.

  • What's to say that there WASN'T a Big Bang? What's to say that there ISN'T a God? What's to say that God created the Big Bang as a highly calculated way of laying down his creation of the universe?


  • I always get into debates about this stuff. I'm kinda known for it. In life and on the net. I've been good recently though, and I'm staying well away this time. Basic gist is I'm an atheist who respects other people's beliefs as long as they're not forced upon others. I suppose I'm kinda agnostic, in that I don't rule anything out, but I do believe more in the aspects of life that have proof. Faith doesn't make sense to me, I have to have some proof. Goddamnit, I got into it, I was supposed to be staying away.

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