Please kindly try and download my win8 app

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The internet is bombarded daily with new apps (app is the short term for application)
  • finally out !!!! Opaque Team first project.. ("Hello World!");



    this is a game that reflects a programmer life.. Type the code as fast as you can before your Socials Life runs out!! use any powerup that you have to help you finish your Code.. Prove that you are a programmer and you have Life!!

    please kindly support us by downloading and installing our game from your windows store and give us your feedback,comment so that we can be better in the next project. don't forget to rate our application as well :") thank you so much

    "WE ARE PROGRAMMER, WE HAVE LIFE" - by Opaque Team

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  • andreasnvr, I just downloaded and it works great, so you got five stars!

    I really like the concept too, especially since I'm used to typing out all the code.

    Your Windows 8 game seems much more involved than my first two Win8 apps - Coinqueror and Gather Gems. Great job!

  • thanks! danialgoodwin

    your feedback is really appreciated!

    I also will try your app later..

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