Osama Bin Laden is dead

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  • We will never know?

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  • Also, starting conspiracies already is a little bit ignorant.

    It's not a question about "starting conspiracies". Some people wiew the media and accept it as truth. Sure, they do some sorting and tweaking and realize that everything isn't exactly as it is portrayed, but further then that there is little questioning.

    But if you start to gather information from sources that isn't mainstream media you soon realize that the picture is far more complicated. Most "conspiracy theories" are far from random ideas that just spread because they're interesting. The reason people believe them is that if you take some time to search for information outside mainstream media they are usually far more backed up.

    The US government provoked this war ten years ago, and have kept it going for ten years without any intention of ending it. It's been done before, and the main reason is that war is extremely good for the economy. Now they pull this bin laden thing to win back some support from the public since people start realizing it's kinda pointless. I obviously don't know the exact story, but it sure as hell isn't the official one, his name is far to powerful. Most probable story to me is that he died of illness in 2001.

  • Yeah Bin laden is sleeping with the fishes.True mafia style burial yeah.

  • [quote:3p51esxy]the main reason is that war is extremely good for the economy.

    Sorry I cant agree with that. I takes workers from their jobs, wastes resources, disrupts surrounding economy's, and there's no "spoils" potential.

    It can however boost scientific research, but mainly those categories related to killing people better.

    Sure there will always be people involved with ulterior motives, but blaming an entire country for those few greedy individuals, is akin to racism.

    The vast majority of American's aren't interested in forcing their will on others. We are willing to fight for our freedom, and the freedom of those who cant defend themselves.

    If you choose to believe the conspiracy theory's, that's your choice, if not your right, but please keep in mind the fact that most of that will be coming from additional people with their own ulterior motives.

  • [quote:2di4ax3q]the main reason is that war is extremely good for the economy.

    Well i think it's just the opposite.War means that taxpayers have to pay more to support the army ,

    And for the weapons etc...So WAR+Economy = More people without jobs , Food etc. Some parts of Africa shows what war does to a nation and believe me those ordinary people aren't getting richer because of war.

  • This debate will surely derail the thread, and to convince someone to change their world view in a text forum is kind of a waste of time.

    But my point is that whether Bin Laden is dead or not doesn't really matter. The bombings of 9/11 killed 3.000 people, and the war on terror, with Bin Laden as a face of the enemy has lead to over 54.000 american casualties. Lets put that in perspective: If the terrorists made an attack as big as 9/11 every year for 18 years, it still would have been more merciful then the war.

    So. after these 3.000 killed in a dramatic event, the country goes to war, 55.000 american deaths later (not even counting the poor people in the invaded countries) this villain is caught, and people go out in the streets to celebrate. That just sad. It shows a huge lack of perspective and free thinking.

    Here's a nice pie-chart. Leaves you with the question: Wtf are they up to?

    http://armscontrolcenter.org/policy/sec ... _world.gif

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