The Official Real Life Pics Thread

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  • Yeah I was just thinking the same thing, I sent her a pm a few minutes ago asking her if I should remove it and she said its cool. But yeah people shouldn't post photos of other people.

    Photos of you the one of you diving into a group of girls...or the one of you with a beard...or the one of us on the London Eye ?

    <img src="">

  • Can we skip the "omg-it's-a-girl-on-the-internet" fuss this time around? I hope Mary Jane is OK with you posting a picture of her. Did you ask first? (I don't think I'd be happy if David went posting images of me on the web, for example )

    No. Sorry for that, Mary Jane! <img src="">

  • Me? Maybe.... I hope so :]

    <img src="">

  • I hope Mary Jane is OK with you posting a picture of her. Did you ask first?

    I don't think that matters. If Mary Jane wants her picture posted, she will post it herself. I removed the link in Yaraslau's post.

    And that pretty much goes for pictures of everyone. The only way we can be sure that someone has permission to post a picture is if they post their own.

    As for the reaction to the situation (omg a girl, post her picture everywhere and creepily tell her how cute she is), it's borderline harassment. I haven't been keeping up with this thread on a regular basis, because I assumed that this was one of the few threads on the forum that can take care of itself. Apparently I was wrong.

    It goes without saying that your fellow forum members should be treated with respect... but I suppose I have to say it now. And if I hear one word from anyone in the future about being harassed, I'll start handing out bannings. It's not cool.

  • I dont think its so bad to be told you're pretty by people on the other side of the world ... or handsome ... on a side note everyone feel free to compliment my appearance

  • posting other peoples photos is wrong

    After you posted a picture of me omfg! You're so banned!

  • <img src="">

    -Me at Halloween.

  • My previous photo was removed due to time limitation. This one - with colleagues. I stay between a girl and a woman.

    <img src="">

    EDIT: all persons are public, no need to mask their faces.

  • Lol Yara, you remind me of Agent Smith xD


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  • He knows too much.

  • Me killing zombies at spare time.

    <img src="">

    Oh, and the gun is a modified nerf gun with modified darts(For easier zombie slaughtering�).

  • Lol Yara, you remind me of Agent Smith xD

    Agent Yara reminded you about Agent Smith. Why not?

  • <img src="">

    aww yea my awesome emotion changing halloween costume at in English class, and me in it.

    i had extra face parts which could openly be edited mr potato head/fridge magnet style hidden within the box, and the eyebrows were on pivots so i could quickly rotate them to create different emotions, t'was awesome.

    i must of changed the face over 60 times over the course of the day, i even had a monocle and top hat.

    i scared many a some freshmen by looking in their direction and rotating my eyebrows into the angry slanted position.

    this was the bad ass variation.

  • How'd you control them? With your tongue?

  • How'd you control them? With your tongue?

    Me thinks the windshield washer fumes may have caused mass hallucinations.

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