Oculus Rift-developed or destroyed

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  • Hi guys,

    i just wanted to know your opinion on fb buying the oculus rift. I have a fealing it wont do us any good with fb developing it. Comment what you think



  • There are 2 sides to look at

    That of the social network, and that of the billionaire playboy.

    Apparently Elon Musk isn't the only one who gets to play Batman.


    In b4 not the hero we want, but hero we need.

  • I was waiting for the HD version, but now they've sold out, I'm a bit torn. I'm gonna wait and see before making judgement, but I'm hoping that user modding/dev is still going to be possible after the big Evil has finished with it.

  • I agree with you zenox98, but with FB at the steering, it's best we keep our expectations low.

  • Yeah, I was really excited for the OR, but as soon as I saw Facebook bought it, my hopes sunk. I don't trust Facebook with anything more than an decent social network.

    Wonder if the OR will not come with built-in ads? Then they'll finally have ones that people can't avoid, ahhah.

  • I read somewhere that nothing really changes with the OR. Facebook just bought the project etc but everything else will remain the same. There wont be FB adds and it will still be made/designed as always planned. But that depends on how valid the word of the OR creator is

  • No I know there won't be any ads, of course. But just the fact that they now have complete control over the project bugs me. There are plenty of companies that buy smaller companies and slowly twist them, sucking out every penny. But we'll see.

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  • It's better that Occulus Rift is the hands of another company. The outcry mostly comes from a change of focus. Rather than gamers keeping the Rift to themselves, it's now going to be a product for the masses.

    I personally still think the product as is. Is not worth that much. It's too niche. It's cool and I will get one, but I just don't seeing the product being a big deal. Convenience is King and the Rift is not convenient.

  • i dont get you people why you say Facebook is bad for any other things then social networks im not a fan of facebook or a massive user! i barelly use it ! not even weekly or other social networks of that matter! but i have an account cause some websites has "login features" so i use it for that only ,....mostly ,............. only! but this thing against facebook and OR i think will be awsome! cause Zuckerberg is a smart man! and has a proffesional team of tech guys! so OR can go even further yes he will maybe add some spontainous ads in games! or the worlds of OR but what the hell a man can add anything to its product! is there a guy that will create OR or anyother thing and give it for free to someone lese and he wont do a thing to earn a buck!? all word sells and buys , i dont get why people are screaming at this problem! i dont even care of this Merge of Facebook and OR but as a matter of subject, its annoyng seeing people not to agree just because its facebook , what if it was twitter will it gone betteR or other social network ?! dont think will! cause as you sayd they are social networks! and maybe will go better maybe will not! but believe me if it was a so called awsome technology facebook woldnt had the chance to get it, cause Goverments or other higher powers will outpay him and get it for themselfs! believe me facebook and OR isnt a bad thing! and will not improve nothing to world! that technology is from ages ago when you had to play the massive games from Game stores! i remember playng one when i was little with co-op shooting bad guys and had this weird helmet on my head! or screan somthing putted my fuckin head inside it! and was like OR says but only that was 2d or looked 3d but cannot move as in 3d! only the objects where 3d! and that is ! but only the new thing is the graphic that is outthere today! not the technology ! so in short words to think Facebook and OR isnt a bad and neither a good thing! and also wont be anygood at all or something new, already had been used ages ago and only thing thats new are the graphics that gpu creators are making it better and better! the rest is just an update to that product i long time seen! forgot the name of the game! but will post a example of it! all over 25 age knows it ! or atleast playd it one time or seen it! and know there is nothing new! and they know OR is just another useless junk! that kids this days think is awsome! it is cause you have that thing on your head! but what if i want to go and pee in same time?! you cant lol! that will be awsome for them to do! not a monitor pushing my eyeballs back to my head! instead of OR i wold do a OR transparent! as in movies with that Cool Sungglasses that are like an Desktop for eyes! thats more usefull then OR! for me OR is junk! as facebook was when first apeard! never liked facebook or twitter or anyother social things! cause im not into this kind of stuff if i want to meet someone or talk to someone i go outside!:) im that kind of person! but anyway! times killing all so who knows maybe OR or other crap are good for new generation! i may be called an old fart now! but thats my ideea ! and wont change it unless the OR will be better and people will see it as it is ! old tech with new update on graphics! thats it to it! nothing more! and will never be more then that! old news for me atleast! feel free to hate me or yell at me! i wont respond here cause i dont care i just posted what i was thinking about OR and facebook and people that comment about this Merge! Have fun ! and be happy with it , i wont , cause it doesnt provide nothing new!

    P.S something new for me will be to be able to travel with speed of light! or to be able to cryogen myself and wake up over ages!:) or maybe combine them both and then space travel will be reborn and upgraded and we will be searching other galaxys!:) that will be awsome!:) the rest is just Tit for borring TAT!

    Hope i dident offended no1 , wasnt my intention but hey! anyone can take it as they want!


    To All who see this!

  • I personally still think the product as is. Is not worth that much. It's too niche.

    I'd agree with this.

    I think it's more that the FB owners paid big money for a product not really worth such a massive sum of money. It's no wonder the Oculus creators are jumping up for joy.

    Oculus is a millstone round FB's neck. If they fail to make it a commercial success, everybody will point fingers at FB. They have a hard road ahead of them.

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