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  • Yeah, a certain delgado seems to like collecting those badges.

    I was trying to be polite in not naming names, but having just seen what Tokinsom referred to...... Hell's Teeth! Utterly pointless :(

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  • We're running those badges as a test and are willing to retract them if necessary. On another site I ran, we did similar badges and it actually increased posting volume without much loss in quality, so we want to see if the same works here.

    If it doesn't, then we will probably retract them. But I'm going to run it for a week or so and see what happens.

    I do understand all your concerns don't worry! It's something we have thought about.

    Also in regards to the person posting a lot in creations, I've just checked it and I don't see a problem with it. People love getting feedback on their games no matter how brief, and the comments left do seem to be constructive and helpful (if a little short).

  • Ok yeah it's worse than I thought, I'll revoke the badges soon. This was a mistake, sorry guys!

    I've deleted all the offending posts, but there's no easy way to unbump them I'm afraid :(

  • We do expect some level of quality in posts, after all, and we'll get nowhere if people just post to inflate numbers :)

    Perhaps if posts were rated, you could have badges for highly rated posts, that would encourage posting quality.

  • i already have a post-a-lot badge.

  • I had one too... I made a silver medal in that area, LEGIT. *sadface*

    Hey Tom, you can put them back if you want... I'll just nuke anyone who abuses it >.>


  • Report spam badge. Be a tidy Kiwi.

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