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  • Dear all those who have experience and skills in audio department,

    The thing is this, I am looking around on some sort of information or tutorial regarding audio generation/design. I've came across website such as and which allow you to create retro style sound with lots of buttons. A lot of experiment is possible. Sure, these days, while we have higher quality sound which can replicate whatever sound almost exactly, I prefer to try around with the websites aforementioned first. My reason is that, I want to be able to manipulate/create sound in digital format, rather than recording sound from elsewhere. And I want to keep things simple first, so let's go with retro style sound like 8-bit and 16-bit days. I am NOT looking for realistic sound generation here.

    But right now, I feel I am not doing this quite right. While keeping on setting things here and there could give me some random sound, there are many times that I have certain sounds in my head, yet I do not know how to manipulate all those slider GUI to generate such sound - in fact, I do not even know whether a sound is possible or not with the given tool, but if I have heard such sounds in games from NES or SNES era before, it should be possible, no?

    So here I am, asking for advice. If I am to be able to understand the sound manipulation and if I am to be able to generate sound this way, where must I look? What tutorial must I refer to? How did those sound engineers do this?

    If anyone knows the details behind this, please share your knowledge...

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