Microsoft is ready to unleash Xbox One apps

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  • Hello everyone,

    It seems that Microsoft is planning a switch to universal apps for the Xbox One in November this year.

    You can find more information regarding the matter at

    Here are some interesting titbits:

    [quote:1gcuy2pg]Microsoft will also publish an SDK preview in May alongside the retail to dev kit switch, and both will be available publicly for developers to start creating apps in the summer timeframe. Microsoft currently restricts Xbox One app development to a small group of app developers, and this new program will open this up to everyone. Developers will also be able to use beta apps to test them with the community, and apps will finally be able to run in the background allowing third-party music apps to continue outputting music while a game is being played.

    [quote:1gcuy2pg]Existing Xbox One apps will continue to run on the console, but Microsoft is planning to switch over to universal apps in November. The switch means developers will be able to submit and publish apps in November, and they’ll need to be built on the new universal apps SDK. Windows 10 will arrive on the Xbox One later this year to support these new apps, and Microsoft is slowing moving its approval and store policies to a pace that will allow developers to submit apps to Xbox One in a similar way to the existing Windows Store. This will allow a lot more apps to arrive on the Xbox One this November.

    Ashley What does this mean for the Scirra community? Are you in any form of discussion with Microsoft regarding Construct 2 support for Xbox One at the moment?

  • hmmm ... interesting stuff... gonna watch this post

  • Microsoft have been talking about this some time, but this is the most concrete news I've heard. It sounds promising. Obviously we will be 100% on top of this as soon as possible if there is any way to publish universal apps to Xbox One.

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  • Definitely looking forward to this.. I hope we will be able to port our current Windows 8 apps to the Windows 10 SDK platform.

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