Interstellar; thoughts? *Can contain spoilers*

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  • interstellar was awesome! and also had an equally great score, buuutt i can see how some people may find it boring.

  • Boring as in not being able to understand the science going on behind the movie. Agreed.

  • I loved interstellar, great mood, the main score is amazing, i cant get enough off it, the special effects where realistic and not overly done, maybe the robotboxes where less realistic in some parts, but i kinda liked them too:) and i thought some emotional scenes where very good, like his reaction on the movies from his kids on earth, all these moments, he just lost in one hour on that planet, strong acting from.. Matthew McConaughey (looked that up

    some concepts of the movies i was aware off, like the artificial gravity thru spinning, (actually saw something like that in Kerbel space game)

    , very tense scene, when they need to reattach on the damaged ship while spinning. for me, overall great movie!

    Little movietip on a sidenote, if you love sci-fi, starwars, aliens, ... and concept art, you should check out Jodorowski's dune a documentary about the greatest film never made, also great music, and overall a great story/documentary.

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  • The Fifth Dimension is "love"? Bwahahahahah. Yeh ok. Pass.

    And that's all about there is that I need to say about the movie.

    But just to expound on that concept. I couldn't take it seriously after that reveal. It honestly has some neato parts, I like the giant waves planet and I would overall rate the film as fair. The Robots really were gold, and as far as science fiction goes, it has everything a fan could want from that genre. Plus it was visually stunning, and omg that musical score. But the climax of the film, right? The fifth dimension is love stuff... It stole away from the whole experience for me. At the and of the day, despite all the shiny graphics, I still want a good story. And interstellar didn't deliver that to me.

    [9]Then we get to the "meat" of the plot, which is the same tired hollywoodian "love overcomes all barriers" (warning: TVTropes link). I wasn't expecting this bullcrap in a "serious" scifi movie.


    +1 agree

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