How important is the length of a game to you?

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  • the only game ive ever enjoyed achievements for was halo 3. first off the achievements are actually tough, not "you beat boss 1" type achievements. secondly you get something for them. if an achievement gives you something its fun to have, even if that thing doesn't have any use in the game. its cool to get a prize that you can use in the game because you did a stupidly difficult challenge. i also like achievements for online things, like get a 15 kill streak. you have to try for it, and you get better in the process.

    most other games seem to have achievements slapped on. they don't do anything and their pretty easy to get.

  • if it's $60, then i'd better be playing it by the next two years. Because of that, my game wants only boils down to 'essentials' (Battlefield 2, UT3, TF2, Duke Nukem Forever) rather than technological novelties (Portal, Crysis, Left 4 Dead)

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  • technological novelties (Portal, Crysis, Left 4 Dead)

    ok. Portal isn't a technological novelty, it's a good idea and a fun game.

  • I still prefer "secrets" or "easter eggs" or "special items" as the primary descriptive term... but that's just my opinion.

    Achievements are different than secrets or easter eggs. Some games tack have ridiculously easy achievements.... WHOA CRAP I JUST REACHED A HEAD SHOT COUNT OF 10!!! or NICE!!!11 I'VE COMPLETED LEVEL 1!!!!. bloodiblup<img src="">



    <img src="">

    Back in the golden years easter eggs were SUPER secret and nearly impossible to find. Finding one by yourself was like a giant event that you talked about for days. Achievements are like: "heh sweet. continues shooting..."

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