What if HTML5 were to depreciate, what will happen to C2/C3?

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  • What if HTML5 were to depreciate, what will happen to C2/C3? or is it even possible? What if C3 were to launch and HTML5 were to depreciate? or what if you were about to finish a game and html5 will suddenly depreciate. Is there a Scirra Backup Plan or will they have to reprogram the entire engine again?

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  • Depreciate to what would be the question? If HTML5 were to depreciate then Facebook would go down quickly since that was the 1st major site to fully be made in HTML5.

    Ok lets break it down logically

    First a new programming language would have to come out and then all the major web browsers and phones would have to adopt it. That could take 10 years before its fully implemented.

    Adobe flash support has been downgraded because of HTML5 yet people still make flash games and mobile games with adobe air. So even if HTML5 were done you still would be able to use it , the developer would just have to make a native exporter in that case.

    Why HTML5 won't die and you don't have to worry!!!!

    https://www.w3.org/ Is the group that controls which programming languages are going to die and which stay on the web. They are actively working on improvements to HTML5 going as far as to doing some of the grunt work themselves that they usually task to other developers to do which is a shock because they mainly just test and approve. Dude , don't worry HTML5 is in the Kings spot its not going to die anytime soon.

  • If this really happened, it would amount to shutting down a large section of the web and there would be severe damage that would last for years. The web would never be the same again. I think it would be so bad that what happens to Scirra would not even be that important. In other words, I'd say its so unlikely as to not warrant any concern at all.

  • You guys have a point and it is also good to know that Scirra Team also considered thinking about this. Just wondered about HTML 5.1 currently set for release on approximately September 2016.

    I don't know if it will affect the web or even C2/C3 into changing things or it will just append features for HTML5 but we can tell that things do innovate every year that passes.

    Here is a webpage I read just now: http://whatpixel.com/html51-expected-release-rc-2016/

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