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  • I have just downloaded the first construct, today (in the lasy half hour of this post) I cannot find a link to any of the tutorials leaving me totally lost, (it all comes up as dead links) on the site. Is this because everything has just shifted to construct 2? If this is the case ill just donwload the beta and see if i can do what i wish with that. But i though i would try and not bite of more than i can chew with the first one:) anyway I need a hand here even just getting hold of th eoringinal tutorials seems impossible so i have no starting point, any help appreciated.

  • Hi Differing,

    We are still in the process of moving tutorials for Construct Classic over to the new site. Appologies for the confusion! The tutorials and examples section of this forum is full of small tutorials for you to try out though and is still very active.

    We also encourage you to download and try Construct 2 as well! (Let us know what you think). Ash has written an excellent beginners guide for it.

    Also welcome to the site!


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  • Hi differing, you can find a lot of informations about Construct (Classic) on its wiki.

    Any information on the wiki is aimed towards CC. All is maybe not up to date and tutorials are down, but you still can access infos like conditions, events, system expressions, etc...

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