How should I go about the release of TowerClimb?

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  • At $9.99 I'd expect the game to be good, but then it's no longer an impulse buy. I probably wouldn't spend $9.99 on it, I just barely got Shank for around that price and that's only because it's a high-profile release. I think $6.99 sounds good, still has that quality product price-tag but makes it more of an 'ahhh go on then'.

  • Hurry up and start selling it already , I want to buy it.

  • If I were to impulse buy at $5 I would impulse buy at $10. For me it is not a big difference. Anything between $5 and $10 is pocket change. However, I kinda like a $7.99 price sounds a bit cheaper for those folks that may feel the difference.

    Edit: Maybe a poll on the price? Also, I'd buy it and beta test (you gonna use paypal?). I probably wont put tons of hours into it but you don't have to worry about me sharing it either.

  • Ok, poll open.

    [quote:3t0hmkkr](you gonna use paypal?)

    I'm not sure yet. I have to do some research. Are they good for small transactions? Most indie games use an ecommerce service which isn't paypal (aside from minecraft). Paypal might suit my needs though, for the beta.

  • 6.99 is probably the right price. I think 4.99 is too low, and gets into that 'percieved as cheap' realm.

  • tions? Most indie games use an ecommerce service which isn't paypal

    I'm not sure how they are for small transactions...would be good to see how much of a cut they take versus other options. Also, I know the Minecraft guy had some issues with Paypal freezing his account (probably because of the hundreds of thousands pouring in..which maybe setoff some suspicion alarms..still kinda sucky).

    Pro for Paypal: If you already have it.. it is an easy impulse buy for the user (kinda like Amazon...) just click a few times and you are done.

    Con for Paypal: Freeze your account?? If you don't have it.. i think it is more a hassle to buy.

    Yeah, maybe ecommerce supporting standard credit cards would be better.

  • Have you considered steam?

    I would try that first

  • Would also define target audience's age group.

    For the very youngs: the cheaper the more sales, I'd guess, but probably at least for 5$.

    (The N game is free of charge, and is said to be downloaded 2 mill. times.)

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  • Have you considered steam?

    I would try that first

    Yeah, if it were to come out on Steam I'd definitely buy it. Anything else (especially something using Paypal) and I'll be having second thoughts.

  • Have you considered steam?

    I second this idea. Lots of exposure and easy payment.

    Edit: Is there a way to do both? Some may not want to install Steam...

  • Yeah, Steam is a really good idea.

    Hmm... Steamworks integration with Construct?

  • Is steamworks integration really necessary for all games? Does anyone know if vvvvvv has it?

    If it is, I may need someone to make a plugin...

  • Steam blergh.For a game as great as this one you need your own website.

  • Well, Saira (which is a very awesome indie game in its own right) has multiple methods for people to buy it, but I prefer Steam, because Steam is pure awesome. I think Saira was made in MMF2, but I'm not sure, though it definately has Steamworks integration, so it can be done in Construct. Steamworks is really awesome, you can update the game whenever, have achievements, in-game dashboard, Steam Cloud etc.

    Oh, yeah, and free advertising, don't forget about that.

    If Valve thinks your game is awesome, and is perfectly willing to let it onto Steam, they'll probably be willing to help out with Steamworks integration.

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