Gimp -Vs- Photoshop

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  • well the question is not really witch one is the best because you gotta admit it, they all do the same job in different ways but what really matter is witch one suits you the best.

    -Oh carp my brain hurts ,

    starting the slow clap




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  • I use photoshop/illustrator on a daily basis for work... both are extremely complete softwares,(Illustrator is at last integrated in the range and start to feel comfortable to use...) but if you do not wish to pay the atrocious fees that Adobe sets on its users, go for GIMP!

    And if you do pixel arts, avoid big softwares and download GaphicsGale, it has everything you need, and is fully customisable.

  • Personnally i have no problem with GIMP interface, its pretty much like blender interface imo,

    it may look a bit "WTF" when you first try it, then you set all windows like you want, become familiar with

    keyboard shortcuts and you work 2-3 times faster than usual, with everything you need at hand =)

    GIMP can also use photoshop brushes and photoshop plugins (with the pspi plugin), wich is a very big advantage

    (Ive seen can also use photoshop brushes but it seems a bit buggy)

    The only thing that piss me off in GIMP are these damn floating windows who doesnt reduce when you reduce the main window, i really hate that

    Can't say about photoshop, never tried it >.<

    PS. Gimp 2.8 will have a single window mode, and lots of new features

  • Now you did it James. I want GIMP 2.8 !!!

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    Can't wait for it to be released !

  • One of the developers calculated the 10. October 2011 as the release date for 2.8

    The other versions to come are also very interesting. From what I see, starting with v3.4 it will be a full Photoshop clone (in the good sense). I just say: automatic layer boundaries, auto-anchoring and layer effects ;)

  • Photoline all the way.

    I have used Photoshop in a professional manner since version 4, and up to CS6. About ten months ago I switched to Photoline - no 3d or video fluff, extremely lean (17mb windows installation file!), and the layer system sweeps the floor with Photoshop - really.

    Its workflow is mostly non-destructive, and offers adjustment layers, layer effects, live filters that do not require smart objects, virtual instanced layers which update in realtime when the original is updated, as many layer masks as you want per layer, grouped layer masks, layer effects and adjustment layers can be applied to layer masks(!), multiple page support, full vector layers with pixel alignment(!), photoshop files with adjustment layers and layer effects compatible (which means they remain live in Photoline), Photoshop brush library compatible, each layer in the layer stack can have its own custom image mode set(!), and so on, and so forth.

    Also full CMYK, RGB, Lab, Greyscale at any bitdepth (8,16,32bit) PER layer.

    Aside from the 3d and video components, it is on par with Photoshop, and in a number of essential areas actually an improvement!

    The newest beta version (only available to registered customers) was improved substantially again. (dark interface setting anyone?)

    For example, I currently use Gimp and Krita as "plugins" to Photoline - imagine that! This way I am working on an image in Photoline, and when I need a specific Gimp plugin, I fire up Gimp from within Photoline, apply the effect, save and quit Gimp, and happily continue. It connects directly with (almost) any software that works with bitmaps. Most generic Photoshop plugins are compatible with Photoline as well (I use FilterForge and NoiseNinja, for example).

    For my latest game I prepared, converted and built all the graphics in Photoline. It was a much more pleasant experience than Photoshop.

    And I would have never thought I would ever say this, but: when I return to Photoshop CS6 it feels awkward. Photoline's workflow is mostly better. Not everything (every software has its strenghts and weaknesses), but overall it works more efficiently.

    The website is pretty dire, but do not let that detract you from trying out Photoline: it's actually quite amazing. (Un)fortunately I've become a Photoline zealot. And for the price of two months of Photoshop CC, you actually OWN a perpetual license that runs on both mac and pc. It also runs off a portable drive or usb key.

    The new version should be out in a month or two. So far the devs have listened to about 12 suggestions of mine, and added those requested features to Photoline!

    Oops, forgot linky:

  • I like Photoshop

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  • Photoshop is better

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