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  • tulamide

    Hm that's helpful. I know of a bug in my game where after you die if you leave it the sequence of meteors sometimes starts to build up and go super crazy after a while (maybe in XP that just happens all the time for whatever reason) -that isn't meant to happen! But during normal game it is fine. I built the game on my Win 7 64 pc with a Core 2 Quad QX9650 and Geforce 660 but I also tested it on a Win 8 PC with just a 2.66GHz Core 2 and a Radeon 4550 and it was a little slower but still ran ok.

    The WebGL might be a red herring.

    Could you confirm the lag and stuttering is occurring DURING the game itself or after death?

    and what about in the chrome browser?

    I don't have any access to Windows XP PC so if you have any time to test any of this for me it would really help me fix any problems.

    I will also update the game and make all WebGL and particles optional.

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  • Sadly i didn't have the time to finish it. After the weekend i'll work on it some more because its to far done to just let it go. Only need to make same levels and a boss fight. Bit silly i could not find the time to do this. Oh well.

  • Could you confirm the lag and stuttering is occurring DURING the game itself or after death?I can confirm, yes. It starts to build up right after start and becomes unplayable (and the sound unbearable =)) after about 30 seconds.

    and what about in the chrome browser?I can't tell. For personal reasons I don't support Google in any way. From what I heard from Ashley, Chrome should have full WebGL hardware support on Win XP. I would expect the game to work on Chrome. But I'm just guessing.

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