Game Development is making me lose interest in gam

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  • Hi Construct 2 Game Developer, has this happened to you? And if so, how do you combat it?

    I've got this interesting thread from Reddit Gamedev.

    "Game development is making me loose interest in games"

    This thread has been a trending topic in Reddit now (December 06th, 2012)

    How about your opinion, C2 Developer?

    Honestly, it happened to me :)

  • Nah, the major companies just prodouch watered down crap now.

    Al they seem to want to do is the cookie cutter fps.

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  • Newt's right. Part of it, in my opinion, is I generally can't find stuff that I actually want to play. I don't feel like playing yet another fps or stale badly written boring battle system grind fest rpg (not to diss all RPGs, some are fantastic and the best ones make it my favorite genre, but some of them.. Eh). I want innovation. Personality. A game that was clearly cared about by its dev team. Games that have one of those traits aren't all that hard to find, but games that encompass all those things are hard to come by. A lot of the games I've tried these days feel like they were sort of put out on the assumption that because there's a game there, people will play them (maybe the problem is all the iOS stuff that's been disappointing me lately... But what can you expect when devs are forced to charge so little, I guess. :P). Maybe I've been missing a lot of the good stuff, but game development is just so much more enjoyable to me, I'd much rather spend my time working on my games and make what I want to play instead.

    It helps that c2 is so fun to use. :)

    Edit: parts of my post sound a little too much like a diss, which isn't what I mean (edited it a bit). There are tons of very talented people working on games that don't interest me (not to mention how hard it is to make a game turn out how you really wanted it), and I also don't look down on the people who do like them at all for enjoying them, different tastes and such. I just find developing games to be much more creative, interesting and enjoyable than playing them.

    I also don't think it's necessarily a transitional thing. I've always been fascinated by making games, the difference is I wasn't able to make them before - though I did try, making sprites and such for the games I wanted to make. It's easier than it's ever been to make games, and that's a pretty recent thing.

  • I just give up for a while and get back when I feel good to keep working. But make games is like a hobby and not a work for myself, as a Civil Engineer.

    If you're thinking in earn your money by doing games, you're in trick and have two ways:

    • Becoming an excellent programmer;
    • Becoming an outstand Artist;
  • Ever since studying cinematography in school i can't watch a movie the same way either.....its both ruined and gave new admiration at the same time.

  • When I was a kid, I would rather open RPG Maker or Klik & Play than the sh*tty games my friends played like NeoPets and RuneScape. 10 years later and I'd rather open Construct 2 than Sleeping Dogs or Mass Effect.

    Making games is a very addictive hobby.

  • Ever since I started game development I've only really been interested in indie games. Interesting ;)

  • I guess that knowing more about game making than average players, most people in this thread/community tend to unconsciously play like a designer (part2).

    And poorly/"uninnovatively" designed games might bore us quicker as we feel like "we learnt all of it" quickly, nor don't feel inclined to invest more in something we feel we've already seen/"understood".

  • screw, I realized I did not follow the topic O.O

    I play less game because I simply have no time for them!!game dev is taking all my free time~!!

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