Forum Rules

    A few of our fellow forum members have expressed an interest in having a definitive set of forum rules. So here they are! There isn't really anything too groundbreaking on here, and it should all be somewhat familiar to those who frequent internet forums.


    Your fellow members should be treated with respect at all times.Disagreements are common, but you should always make an effort to resolve them in a polite manner.Forum members are expected to handle themselves in a respectable manner in regards to other communities as well. Invading other message boards for the purpose of flaming or trolling their members is never a good idea.The following activities are prohibited:

    • Trolling
    • Flaming
    • Bullying
    • Personal attacks
    • The General Rule: Don't be a jerk.


    Always choose the appropriate forum for your topic. For instance, requests for technical assistance with Construct Classic belong in the Help & Support forum.

    Search before you post. The topic you're posting about may already have an existing thread.

    Try to stay on topic. It's okay to make the occasional joke or to stray from the original thread topic now and then, but members should refrain from intentionally hijacking or derailing threads. If a thread strays too far from the topic, it may be split at a moderator's discretion.

    This is an English speaking forum, so please post in English. Unfortunately we do not have the power to moderate in another language.

    If you find a thread uninteresting then don't post in it! Complaining about won't make it go away faster, and it's disrespectful to others who may be enjoying themselves. If you want a better thread, then by all means make a better thread.

    Posting any of the following items is prohibited:

    • Spam
    • Racial, homophobic, or otherwise prejudicial slurs and other such hateful rhetoric
    • Pornographic or overtly sexual images or links to such
    • Links to pirated software, movies, music, or other copyrighted materials
    • Gambling websites


    Your fellow forum members have a right to their privacy. Under no circumstances are you to reveal any personal information about them without their consent. This includes names, email addresses, etc. as well as photographs and details of their personal lives.You have a responsibility to maintain your own privacy. The following topics are considered inappropriate, and you should keep them to yourself:Your own involvement with illegal substancesYour own involvement in other illegal activities (theft, piracy, jaywalking, etc.)Details about your sex life... really, nobody wants to hear it


    Your avatar, profile information, and signature must all comply with forum rules. In other words, no inappropriate images, comments, or links are allowed.In the interest of keeping threads clutter-free, your signature may consist of a single image no larger than 530px wide and 90px tall and no more than three lines of text.One account per person. Alt accounts, joke accounts, parachute accounts and the like are not necessary and not allowed.


    If you see a post that violates any of the forum rules, do not reply to that post. Instead, use the report button to alert a moderator to the problem and one of us will take care of it. This includes spam posts.Violations will be dealt with by a moderator on a case by case basis, depending on the severity of the action. Most of the time verbal or written warnings will suffice. Larger infractions or repeat offenses could result in a ban or temporary ban. Just remember the General Rule and you shouldn't have to worry.

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