Fluoride, water and teeth

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  • Burn't charcoal or wood is an excellent alternative to toothpaste.And the best part is that there's no fluoride in the ashes.

    I don't think it's really healthy to digest burnt charcoal, there must be carcinogens caused by burning. A friend (dentist student) told me, that his teacher told students them that no toothpaste is needed, and only mechanicaly remove plaque helps and toothpaste has no effect, except you don't "dry" brush your teeth, plus it's easier to teach kids to brush their teeth when you use flavoured tpaste. I believe it, because I can see what shit is between my teeth when using dental floss and I don't think any tpaste would help me remove it. I still use tpaste though, probably for better breath

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  • Oh charcoal not good for digestion?,Wow didn't know that cause you actually get charcoal pillls which are good if your suffering from gas.And remember in most of the developing countries like Africa you don't get those luxuries like mechanically removing plaque.Eating shattered glass helps to build up good strong gums lol.The Doctor has spoken lol.

  • Baking soda (Sodium bicarbonate) is a good toothpaste alternative, and has been used by many people for quite a long time. Some like to mix a small amount of hydrogen peroxide or salt with it, though those can be corrosive to metal fillings.

    I've always thought it ridiculous that fluoride is added to water in so many places, while in other places the people suffer from their water being contaminated with it. Seems a bit stupid to me.

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