Flash or Java?

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  • yeah that's the question.

    My friend asked me to create small browser game for him and before i start i'm tring to decide what kind of programing language will be using.

    I heard and read many opinions about about Flash and Java, both have their positive and negative sides.

    I know Flash a bit, how it works and know how to use it, but Java...i just know that it exist and latest build of mmf2 can export games to java format, here my knowledge ends in java topic.

    I think Flash is more easier, cause to be honest it's all in one - drawing/animating/programing suite (hey, just like construct ;P).

    Never heard of something similar to java - as far as I know is standard programing language, again i have no experiance in java. But i don't think it's more harder to learn java than flash.

    My biggest question is how they handle browser games? Talking about performance.

    It's just mine curiosity. So I'am asking you what do you think?

    best regards

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  • Most modern browsers still seem to handle Java like shit. Since you already know how to use Flash, go with that. Flash is also supported by more devices (mobile phones etc).

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