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  • 5. Torico (aka Lunacy)

    4. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

    3. Ico

    2. Okami

    1. Panzer Dragoon Saga

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  • Second Sight (under-rated and underplayed)

    That game was pretty good, great story and gameplay.

    I've read somewhere that most of the team members are now part of Crytech, and planning to make TimeSplitters 3...

  • Timesplitters 4 u mean. I have Timesplitters 3.

  • Silent Hill series (1-4)

    Resident Evil series

    Castlevania series


    Cave Story


    All Of Our Friends Are Dead \ Au Sable

  • I distinctly remember not knowing what the hell I was supposed to do

    Remember the sheilds on the walls? You were supposed to knock over a teacher with the catapult hit them again to rebound the shot off their heads and hit the shield. Get all the shields hit each teacher again and you got a code. Go to the headmasters office and get your school report. All without getting 10,000 lines.

    There's a playthrough


    > Second Sight (under-rated and underplayed)



    That game was pretty good, great story and gameplay.

    I've read somewhere that most of the team members are now part of Crytech, and planning to make TimeSplitters 3...

    Yeah thats true. Free Radical Design went under and was bought by Crytek, but as Davioware said it's Timesplitters 4.

  • Timesplitters 4 u mean. I have Timesplitters 3.

    Ypu're right

  • I've just went trough this topic again and i realised that i forgot about menchioning so many more games XD and i remember thinking to myself back when i was writing my post 'huh, i can't remember any more' XD

    so im going to give my updated list.

    All Zelda games ( except maybe spinoffs)

    All mario games ( except spinoffs and mario sunshine - somehow this one didn't grabbed me)

    All Metroid games ( and again Other M wasn't really a metroid game so i'm not going to count it)

    Tales of mokney island 1 -3

    Another World ( aka. out of this world on snes. This game rules. Not flashback. best way to experience it is to turn of ingame music and put on some sci-fi electronic music, even goa trance)

    Final Fantasy 1-x

    Secret of mana ALL

    RodLand ( this arcade game is a first game with 16-bits graphics ever, but at the same time is so brutaly addictive. You just can't stop, have to finish it. It's like acid trip on your screen XD And it's 2 player coop too. . get mame emu and rom cause it's the best version out there. RODLAND! ... acctualy i might think about making a game like that with construct.. hmm XD )

    Portal, DN3d, doom, quake1-3, half-life2, turok, goldeneyen64... and i forgot again XD ah morrowind defo, now there is so may amasing mod to enhance graphics that it look even better than oblivion ( because of its fantastic style too)

    all jrpg games on snes

    syndicate 1,

    Ufo trilogy( the original)

    warcraft strategy

    Fallout 1 and 2,

    diablo games,

    full trothlle

    ... and so many more ^^'' oh, GODS, Magic Pocket,

    Killer Instinct

    megaman and megaman x

    ... and more XD that's it for now. I'm not mentioning castlevania series, thought this are really good games, the pase of the movememnt is to slow for me.

  • Well, I played videogames for the first time maybe in 2001-2002 on my Pentium4, so I have missed games like Metroid, Zelda and all console games since I never owned any of them.

    Here's my list of favorites-


    -Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed - Probably the best version of NFS that I have played, maybe because the races were not limited in a single city like in the newer versions. I remember playing this even though the Normandie track bug caused my computer to freeze everytime I played it.

    -Portal: Best storyline ever.

    -Loved Wicked game


    -Half Life 1/2

    -Critical Mass: Not popular but still very fun to play.


    -Westward : just the first game, not the rest of the series(2,3,4)

    -NFS Most Wanted: I still play this game, since my PC cannot run any of the newer versions.

    -5 Days a stranger: Still have to play the rest of the series.


    Now somebody should make a thread for favorite movies

  • Some that I can remenver now:

    • Monkey Island 2
    • The Longest Journey
    • Toonstruck
    • Halo
    • Bioshock
    • Stranger's Wrath
    • Psychonauts
    • Beyond Good & Evil
    • Command & Conquer
    • Starcraft
    • Nox
    • Chaos Engine
    • Geometry Wars
    • Metal Slug
  • Some of the computer games that I played a lot when I was younger:

    Warcraft 1


    Commander Keen

    Star Legions

    Space Quest


    Wolfenstien 3d


    The Incredible Machine

    Yukon Trail

    Jazz Jackrabbit


    Age of Empires 1


  • Some of the computer games that I played a lot when I was younger:





    When I first got a ZX Spectrum, this was the only game my dad could play Ah memories!

  • - Psychonauts

    - Beyond Good & Evil

    Why do I miss obvious choices like these?

    Okay I'm changing my list. Four and five are both BG&E, and the top three are all Psychonauts.

  • Being a huge Megaman fan I'll have to adress those first.

    Classic series - Megaman 3 (first Megaman game i got)

    X series - Megaman X2

    Zero series - Megaman Zero 2

    Ok, on to other games.


    3D Dot Game Heroes

    Demons Souls

    Curse of Monkey Island

    Worms 2/Armageddon


    Guilty Gear XX2

    Metal Slug (any game)

    Castlevania 3

    Ninja Gaiden NES Trilogy

    Shadow of the Ninja

    Golden Sun


    Tales of Symphonia

    Darksiders (completely love the artstyle in this one)

    Super Street Fighter 4

    Marvel vs Capcom 3

    Resident Evil series

    Magicka (quickly turned into a classic)

    Castlevania Lords of Shadow

    Metal Gear Solid 4

    ... aand of course Mario & Zelda games. Seems pointless to mention though...

  • Don't play a lot these days, but...:

    Silent Hill 1,2,3

    Project Zero/Fatal Frame 1,2,3 (bring the 4th pfff)

    (Forbidden) Siren 1,2,blood curse


    American McGee's Alice

    Shadow of the colossus


    Clock Tower (snes) - Haunting Ground was nice too

    Rule of Rose

    Shadow Hearts 1,2 (just love the weirdo monsters) and Koudelka

    shin megami tensei series and spin offs (persona, devil summoner)

    FFVII (i guess the only FF i really like, maybe the older ones too)


    Wild arms series

    Way of the samurai series

    Odin Sphere


    Fragile Dreams

    Disgaea and similar

    Heavy Rain




    Yakuza 3

    Demon's souls (though i only killed 1 boss lol)

    Pocky & Rocky

    Wonder Boy Dragon's trap

    Thunderforce 3

    Ghouls n' ghosts



    The Longest Journey

    Resident Evil 1,2


    Parasite Eve


  • This thread is making me nostalgia hard.

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