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  • Hi all,

    with all the contests I can see around, I just had an idea and would like to find out if there is interest here to set this up (just for fun, nothing to win here, except knowledge).

    The Idea:

    For every participent in this little experiment a game is set up. For one week, everyone is working on the basic set up of the game (he can choice for himself the theme and any aspect of it) and delivers it to me, on the next step each game will be forwarded to the next person who has one week as well to add/delete/alter any aspect of the game he received. This will go on until everyone had his hand on any of the games.

    After the Game passed every single participant it will come back to the one who started it to see what happened with it and do final adjustments.


    I think this would be a nice learn something new, have a very unique experience and a lot of fun.

    I think 4-6 participants at the max should be allowed for this, otherwise it would take too long. (If more are interested to take part, I could also set up separate groups)


    As some might use the free version of Construct2 and not everyone uses PlugIns, the game should be limited to the limits of the free edition and no PlugIns used. (Or if everyone is fine with PlugIns, we can change the rule, this is up to you) :)

    So, anyone interested to check out this experience? And let me know, if you have any questions :)

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