Has enyone made an Adventure Graphics Game?

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  • Hi, I?m starting a classic Adventure graphics point & click game in construct and I wonder if anyone had tried this before and could give me some gidelines. Or if you know of someone that made this kind of game.

    I`m having trouble with dialogs, items, making the character scale down or up towards the horizon, etc, the tipical issues of this kind of games.

    I`m doing something like the "Gabriel knight" series.

  • Using full screen image backgrounds (if you plan to) isn't really recommended unless your game is very low resolution, since the backgrounds use VRAM. Other than that, it's pretty easy to make a point and click in Construct, even though it isn't really suited for it. Some things might be a pain to make however, like path based character movement. Maybe check out the path plugin for that, I haven't tried it though, just pointing you in the right direction. Good luck, and check out adventure game studio if Construct is unsuited for what you want, I hear it's pretty good.

  • Aeal5566 and ansmesnobody made one called "Subject 66." Here's the thread:

    You might want to talk to them if you're looking for tips, or the kinds of problems they ran into, etc.

    But really, Davio's right. While you can make a point and click of that style, Construct isn't exactly set up for specifically making those kinds of games. You might want to check out AGS, I've heard it's pretty much the standard for that sort of thing.


    Also, not really an engineering thread, moving to OT.

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  • You could also try WME. It has some better features over AGS

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