E3 09

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  • Umm DNF is never going to come out... EVER. 3D realms is gone now that could be because they have put one Mediocre seller out in the past 10 years but that is just a guess. and even if it is picked up by another studio it wont be the same.

  • some wii FPS games at E3 that i would to play.

    Red Steel

    Dead Space: Extraction

    The conduit


    Yeah, NATAL looks serious fucking awesome... I hope they make it as good as the demo videos show. Imagine talking to in-game NPCs and stuff like the demo of Milo (or whatever his name was)...

    *walks into Oblivion 3's blacksmith*

    Me: "I'll have a plasma rifle, 16 rad clips, and 5 stun grenades please"

    NPC: O.o


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  • It does look awesome, just.... one of the fight scenes looked exactly like god of war.

    It does seem like its going to try to be like all the other modern action games, and have these "awesome" moments where you watch a film of your character while you press A/lol at the right time.

  • I'm still laughing about Sony Conference, their wiimo... New motion controller looked like a sex toy

    I liked AC2, Dante's Inferno, Kotor, Brutal Metal [it's from Grim Fandango Author!], I was disappointed that they never showed Beyond Good and Evil 2. That was the sole reason I watched Ubi conference at 4AM.

    and boy it was one sucky press conference

  • HOLY CRAP!!!!

    I know I'm really really late at this

    but oh my god

    project Natal,

    and the ps3 motion controller are both sooooooooooooooo exciting I can't even believe it!!!!!

    I was a more impressed with the ps3 one,

    I mean, my lord!!!!

    it's so perfect!!!

    I'm so glad I own a ps3

  • lucid, are you a Twitter user per chance?

  • no, why do you ask?

    my odd sentence formatting

    or me giddy schoolgirl reaction to ps3?

  • Both, actually!

  • ITT: lulz xD


  • btw, after seeing some more natal vids, and the commercial, and such

    I'm equally excited for those possibilities

    2010 is going to be the future!

    just like the old days

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