A dream coming true...

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  • Although the technical aspects aren't quite that important to us (Ashley is as cunning as a fox and a top-level programmer), there's not just one way to realize things. For example, there's IAC and IPC (Inter Application/Process Communication). Its purpose is to control another app while it is running...

    But one thing's for sure: If it is doable, then Ashley will find a way.

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  • Well, we're planning on adding a feature to be able to save and load games to JSON, so you can keep your progress in WebStorage or some such. That can probably be recycled for a live preview type thing.

  • That sounds pretty exciting.

    I'd love the "Continuing preview" feature.

  • yeah an EVIL DREAM!!!!!

    <img src="https://photos-2.dropbox.com/psi/2048x1536/gbRVFnNy7yEtxKfKZj8q2-8hrOj__RxAMmuGLNpwH2w/53012532/1343923200/b3bc9a0/zomg666.png" border="0" />

    sorry I noticed it and couldnt resist lol

  • Very inspirational, thanks for pointing that video out, I�ve been thinking about those things a lot lately, as it was just this year I�ve taken the courage to become a game developer(thanks to C2 too).

    The first part has some very impressive features that I hope C2 can implement. The future is bright. ;]

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