Desura a waste of time?

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  • I tried Desura a while back but didn't reach the $500 threshold. So they basically stole all revenue while I was trying to alpha-fund a game. I don't think I would ever go back. I've pocketed more money with an unfinished version of Courier than I ever got trying to release through Desura (which I made $0 from).

    Sorry for spamming the forum, but this is important. I want you to contact me so we can make sure you get your well earned money. Pop me an email at!

  • Hey guys!

    I work with publishing at and I'd like to clarify some things:

    - The $500 limit is a suggestion, and for most developers it's ok. This can be negotiated and most important; you can always contact us and we will make sure you will get your money. Even if it's before the limit! We are not a scam - we want you to be happy so you can continue to make awesome games.

    - We do Paypal or bank wire transfer. If you hate Paypal then we'll just wire the money.

    - We really want you to be happy. If you have concerns; just pop us an email. We'll do our best to accommodate your needs!

    Ok, let's keep on making games and have fun!    =)


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  • Ok, well your guy said :

    "We offer you 70% of the revenues from your game. We keep 30%. We hold the payments until you reach $500 to keep the administration costs down. Paypal is the most easy way to take care of the money, correct."

    English is not my first language, but I do not see how this statement is a suggestion. "We hold the payments until $500.00", does not suggest a suggestion. "We usually suggest $500 by default, but this is flexible." would have been a better way of stating this.

    I am happy to hear about the bank transfers, PayPal is definitely not the way to do things.

    Well, anyway, Nice of you to clear things up.

    Please talk to your public relations department, and ask them to be a little more descriptive when people send serious business inquiries to you.

    Linking people to the actual contract might be a good idea too.

    Thanks again.

  • i wouldn't write it off so quickly

    it seems like a good way to at least build some momentum for your game so you can eventually get it on a commercial site

    plus, as a soundtrack composer I can tell that in the music industry those kind of fixed payouts are very normal now.. so I imagine you'll see a lot more of that in your industry as well

    here's a greasy idea for you though

    if your game makes $999 buy a copy of your own game to push it past $1000


    work around

    oh crud this thread is old

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