The Deplorable Business Practices of Yoyogames

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    1. Game Maker Studio used to be 99.99 on sale regularly 50% off.

    2. Game Maker removes Game Maker 8.1 without telling:Going as far as removing any links to any versions for it.

    Game Maker 8.1 is based on the original creators Versions of this software if you didn't know.

    Everything seems pretty normal for a skeptical move, and maybe its forgivable.

    3. But they make this anouncement:"We believe that GameMaker: Studio is a far more advanced and better product for all users than GameMaker 8.1 and it is long past time that 8.1 should have been laid to rest. This does come at a good time as any of our 8.1 users wishing to upgrade to GameMaker: Studio can take advantage of the Spring Sale where they can get up to 40% off!"



    "True multiplatform development from $149.99 >>>>SALE: $89.99"

    For those who cannot see what it is I am pointing out, here is TL;DR

    They removed legacy versions of a software they sell that people use and competes with their newer version that has just as many problems and loses some useful functionality and is also more bloated.

    They did so without warning and THEN increased the price of their own software (Studio Version) base price to 149.99.... It's been sold at 99.99 for years. So they basically added the price of the old legacy version(sold at 39.99) ONTO the price of the ONLY OPTION THEY MADE LEFT FOR PURCHASE.[/color]

    For all you coders out there:

    set gamemakerstudio purchase to

    range(50,99) every tick

    destroy gamemaker8.1

    every tick

    add gamemaker8.1value + 10 to


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  • I can't say I'm surprised. They have a history of dropping support with little to no notice.

    At least they took it off the market. They forgot Game Maker 7 is still being sold on the Mac Store, and they dropped support for that version years ago.

  • I wouldn't say it's entirely deplorable, the older tool is no longer supported so they don't want to continue selling it otherwise they need to update for new drivers/operating systems/etc. Never really liked GM anyway myself, but definitely liked it even less after YoYo took the reigns.

    In fact, Construct 2 did basically the same thing with Construct Classic (very hard to find CC on this site other than its sub-forum section, and the price of C2 raised over time), but Construct Classic was free and open source so it's not completely impossible for people to keep using it. In fact, it still has a few features C2 doesn't (and C2 has features that CC doesn't too of course ).

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