Is construct 2 a good investment?

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  • basically what i want to know is will I (relatively easily) be able to at least make a return on my investment. I only have a budget for the license and to make a simple game. If anyone has good links to a website or previous success stories (with links to the game) it would be greatly appreciated. keep in mind i have no prior experience with game development and i only want to buy the license if i will get a return on my investment. thanks!

  • Depends on you a good deal - if you can use it to make money then it can pay for itself. Relying on game projects and ad revenue probably won't pay the bills unless it's really good.

    In my case I didn't buy it with the intention of making monjey, but it's paid for itself five times over when random projects have needed an interactive Web presence.

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  • As a return of investment, I've seen some people being able to sell crappy html5 games (crappy, really, they were made during the flappy bird incident IIRC) for something around 400 or 500$ to publishers (or even an automatic 200$ to fgl which helped distribute them afterwards if you've implemented their C2 API but that changed too) so I guess it is pretty much a win win situation (though the situation for that particular case changed), however it really depends on what you want to do in the end, you want to do android only games? I would say this is not what the product has been designed for (it is doable as some people can witness), and 100$ investment is not that big (if you are planing of making money out of it, you should target more than that), but be wary of everything before buying it, if your expectations is to make a return of investment, you should be able too without much issues.

    PS: I will not describe any money making process in any way, as I am not an expert, I made my money back but did not wanted to earn more money afterwards so I stopped If you wondered.

    PS2: The free edition can get you started to try doing things to see if it corresponds you (you cannot make money out of it sure, but at least you will know a little more if it is worth your time);

  • Petty much what they said above it really depends on your skills and or your willing/ability to learn. like Aphodite stated use C2free if you like it/ think it could do what you want buy it when ready

  • Thanks! I will buy the developers license if anyone knows good websites to publish your game on that would be great. Thanks again

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