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  • Thank you, cklester and I appreciate the support very much, even if you happen to disagree with Christianity. To be sure - and I am sure this is what Ashley is simply trying to avoid, as I am, too! - we don't want to spark needless debate and argument. Heck, the point of my FB group is to foster COMMUNITY between gave developers and Christians. My goals are deeper than that, but suffice to say, a welcoming spirit is at the heart.

    So I'd have to agree with cklester about what the nature of the complaint was. Is it that I simply advertised an "all are welcome", Christian-oriented post......namely that it's Christian? Or is it something else? Did my wording seem off somehow, and if so, in what way, exactly? I really would be happy to clarify and make amends to those who felt offended.

    Heh, after all, one of the instructions and encouragements with the Christian faith (obviously, not exclusive to Christianity) is to make peace with everyone as much as it's in my power to do. I'd like to do that, if I could.

    And again, Ashley, thank you for your understanding, too. I don't know what your convictions are, but it really means a lot that you didn't just boot my post because of any religious relationship it has.

  • It's difficult to run a forum. It's hard to strike a good balance between allowing open discussion on a wide range of topics, and not upsetting anyone. I hope you're not offended by this, and that nobody reading this thread is offended. However everyone should be aware that a very diverse audience visits this forum, and it would be nice to respect everyone's views. Remember you're calling this "Christian Game Developers", not "Game Developers Group For Everybody", which I do think implies some exclusivity even if you did not mean for it (the way I read it the title counts for more than the description). But on the other hand you should be free to run a special-interest group and tell people about it.

    So: I think we should just have one thread per interest, pointing out a separate community, so people of that interest know where they can go, whilst avoiding any one group having too much prominence on the forum (which might make some uncomfortable or feel excluded). I will apply this rule from now on to any kind of community which is aimed at a specific interest, so I hope you don't feel picked on. I know there is already only one thread so it might not seem like I needed to point that out, but I think it ended up needing explaining, so everyone who visits this forum appreciates we're trying to strike a balance.

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  • Ashley - Man, I think that's a very good idea. The only "offense" I take is that someone complained...and didn't even seem to try to resolve the matter or strike an understanding - either my understanding or the person's regarding the other side. I mean, I don't honestly know just WHAT was offensive. I was tried to be VERY sensitive to the simple fact that others believe other things. No preaching, etc, etc, etc, was every intended. But, it would be silly to hold a grudge. No worries there. Bygones will be bye bye.

    The last thing I want to do is single people out, but I get what you mean about the title, and I think that's a fair assessment. I'm definitely aware of how varied people's views are, as I encounter them daily...literally, daily. So if you feel creating a dedicated sub-forum would help to resolve any feelings of alienation or potential "whip lash", then I'm all for it.

    I suppose I can completely amend my original post to turn this into a "quick list" of Christian-related game development stuff, such as my FB group? How's that sound?

  • There's nothing wrong with this thread or your original post. You simply announced an invitation to people of like mind to join you on an EXTERNAL SITE to discuss game development from a specific point of view.

    The person/people who were "offended" need to grow up. So long as we are all mature and considerate about what we say, and we respect one another's liberty to believe/think what we want, and so long as we harm no other, we should all just get along! :-)

    I doubt Rhindon would be offended by an announcement of an atheist game developer forum, or a mom's game developer forum, or Muslim or Buddhist or whatever-other-classification-of-people-group game developer forum. Who cares, right?!


  • Oh, there's the problem. People think Rhindon's forum is at this web site (scirra), when he clearly states his forum is on Facebook.

    Now, while I don't believe it's a problem having a forum for Christians to discuss Christian themes in games here at's forums, it might be better to have it off-site, since it isn't necessarily scirra-product specific (despite the fact that this is an OPEN TOPIC FORUM!).

    GOOD NIGHT! :-)

  • cklester - Yeah. There are those sad cases where individuals will find any reason to get uptight. I do not agree with the major tenets of such other beliefs as you mentioned, but you're right, I'd be just fine if such sub-forums existed. That's fine with me.

    But again, I do want to express understanding of Ashley's concern, too. This is a sensitive topic and, clearly, since someone complained about this SINGLE post, there ARE those who are just TOO sensitive. That's unfortunately gonna cause unneeded unrest within a great place like Scirra. That just isn't fair to anyone else. While I really do want to share my faith so others can make a well-informed decision for themselves, I do know this is NOT a Christian-oriented site as a whole. That's why I keep any mention of my beliefs on the down-low the rest of the time. We're here for GAMING.

    I'll comply with Ashley's decision, either way. (Alternatively, I could make a mention of my forum in my signature. ;) I still come out on top.)

  • I suppose being branded "lost" because you're not a subscriber to this particular faith feels a bit condescending. But anyone who took umbrage to this or anything else might easily have brought up the matter for discussion. Running off to the admins was an act of cowardice, and in opposition to fair and open speech.

  • BlueSkies - I can understand that. But that's also why I addressed that part specifically to any Christians. Perhaps that was a bit of some poor wording on my part, though.

  • I understand that some people may feel defensive. However we actually recommend people make complaints directly to admins, because if people post directly it often ends getting mired in flamewars. Accusing someone who complains the way we want people to complain of being cowards or people we shouldn't do business with is too far, and it's hard to keep having sympathy with your point of view when people say things like that. Our intent is to have neutral forums where everyone can feel welcome, and such statements only serve to further intimidate, exclude or annoy people. So this thread is closed now; please leave the issue be, it's better to discuss this subject on other forums.

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