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  • For years I have been a lone wolf, making games in the dark. Today I throw away my secret ways.

    I toss aside the mask of the misanthrope and now beseech ye all for assistance in matters most dire.

    I have been working on the same game now for over a year on and off. I keep getting to a similar area, a similar amount of completion. Then I quit. Every single time I rebuild it. I rebuild it better, but every time I start over. I say 'no more'. I am tired of two weeks of solid work and extreme progress. I cannot do this alone anymore, I need people, I need help, I need a team.

    I am sure many of you are wary or unwilling. My post count is low... but I assure you my morale is high. I may not be as good with this as some, but I can do some pretty great things. I have years of experience being mediocre at indie game making, and I plan to get many more years of experience with this fun hobby. However, I will change one thing. This time I will finish the fight. I will complete something. Whether it be one level of combat or a full game. A playable demo will be finished in the time of one month. That is the dead-line I give myself. That is the dead-line I give my team.

    You may be questioning my talk of a team, and I am too, but I need assistance. This is not a small project. I am sure one man could do it, but I am not he. I am lazy. I am not the best at everything. I will accept nothing but PERFECTION. Which is why I call out to you, my friends, allies, citizens of scirra.com/forum, I need your aid.

    I can event program just fine for pretty much everything I need to do, I sometimes need help, but that's usually just to see small errors I don't notice. No, what I need help with are the following things: I need an animator, I need someone who can do/sprite scenery, and I need some help with AI.

    Animator- I need someone who can do good work. Better than me, at least. I am decent, I will give myself that, but I am not good enough. I am too lazy to get all of my animations done, I need someone who can do it well.

    Things I need done:

    -Humanoid characters, somewhat stylized. I have the designs all done, so all you need to

    do is sprite/animate them.

    -Guns. Once again, I have the designs done. I just need them sprited. I have some sprites

    done if you want to use those and improve them.

    -Explosions, Effects, Vehicles. One person doesn't need to be able to do ALL of this. I just

    do need it done.

    Environment Spriters- I pretty much need all kinds of environments done. The game takes place on Mars, so pretty much a bunch of orange and brown stuff. Some flora. I need really beautiful space skyboxes.

    AI programmer- I can do some really basic stuff. I might need some help for some more advanced stuff. I am still working on designs and enemies so I don't know exactly what I need, but I do know I will need help.

    No. I am not done yet. I assume you want some sort of info on the project I am inviting you all to join me on. It has been a huge part of my life for many years and has been many different things before evolving into what it is now. I have been designing it and shaping it for a while. It is almost complete inside my head. I want to finish it in game form. Basically it is a shooting game employing a semi class based system similar to that found in Team Fortress. I don't want to give out too much info... uhh... it takes place on Mars. You are a mercenary. You work with teams of mercenaries. You are being paid to protect a small research facility. It is attacked by what you and your team assumes are pirates. You follow them to the center of Mars itself to discover something no one expected. But me. I made it up.

    I will check back here for posts, but if you want to contact me personally before I read this for any additional info I have many different ways you can do this.

    Steam: afterlifesk8

    Email: frij0les at live.com

    Phone: 615-708-4253 (US, Tennessee)


    I am making a game. Want to help?

    I thought I would have more accounts to list. Oh well. I hope someone is interested in this. I kind of lost direction the more I wrote.

  • I appreciate the call for assistance, but the Help & Support forum isn't necessarily for that kind of help .

    Moving thread to OT, as that seems the most appropriate place. Also, you may want to reconsider leaving your contact information in your post there... your email will surely get spammed all to hell, and who knows what weirdos might do with your phone number. Just have people PM you if they're interested...

  • I am sorry, I meant to ask if that was the right forum or not. I apologize for putting it in the wrong spot.

    Eh, my email is already spammed to hell, and I don't mind the occasional weirdo calling me to keep me company.

    Oh, crap, that's not even my number.

  • Oh, by the way, the best way to get someone interested in working on your project with you is to show everything you've got so far... concept artwork, engine demos, that sort of thing. Good luck finding someone .

    As for H&S being the wrong place, don't sweat it. We really don't have a "right place" for this sort of thing yet. Perhaps in the future we can have some kind of WIP subforum under YC where recruitment threads and devlogs and such can go.

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  • [quote:1rkkdp26]-Explosions, Effects, Vehicles.

    I can do all that. Except the vehicles will be rather limited.

    [quote:1rkkdp26]Environment Spriters- I pretty much need all kinds of environments done. The game takes place on Mars, so pretty much a bunch of orange and brown stuff. Some flora. I need really beautiful space skyboxes.

    depends. I can propably fetch you some juicy textures, and some eviroment pngs but i have to know what type of game is it. Ifs its top-down - i can help, if its side-view - i still can help but i belive itll be not that great, If its isometric what you are looking for - i can do that too.

    But as i said. I am not a pro. I am like, the counter-definition of perfection.

    What else i can offer? Story/plot/designe writing. Actualy ive been a hired game writer for 2 years.

    My buddy Ozi can create some nice music if you need also. Ive been not that bad designing and creating GUI's too.

    Sadly i can afford that much of devotion in terms of time. I am moving from one house to another, in 4 months my son will get borned and just many things are keeping me quite occupied. Buyt i can do my share.

    That is, if you are interested.

    If you would decide to use my service or at least learn more about me and my capabilities please contact me via e-mail as recently grow a strong alergy for this forums and i am rarely checking whats new.

  • I can help you make animations.

    Btw what kind of game are you trying to make? You should start with easy to make games first.

  • Guys, I feel really silly. I knew I was forgetting a lot.

    Okay, let me tell you about the actual game. I could go into a lot more but I will try to cut down on the whole... wall of text.

    It is a side scrolling shooter, akin to that like Metal Slug.

    A good example of a similar project can be found here. Skip to 1:51 for game play.

    Subscribe to Construct videos now

    My game is similar to this, but much different.

    Ideally there will be multi player, but I need a playable level first. Like I said in my first post (I think I did.) it is class based. So far I have a:

    Large Arms class, slow moving but heavy fire power.

    A Scouting class, fast and uses smaller arms.

    A Sniper class, well, you have a big gun and you shoot it.

    A Medic class, a big deal in multiplayer, if you are down a medic is the only one who can get you up.

    The classes aren't as static as Team Fortress, however, more like the classes in a game like Battlefield. You can customize them with different weapons and abilities. Some abilities are like a dash attack, a jetpack, power armor, different weapons, a cloaking ability, and I am still working on more.

    I don't want to tell too much about the story... but like I said, you are a Mercenary hired to protect a group of scientists on Mars. They are working on a project to make the planet habitable. A group of pirates attacks and you do some really neat stuff with explosions and what not to find them.

    Trust me, it's cooler than that. I just don't want to say much more.

    Now for pictures! If I can find them...

    <img src="http://img535.imageshack.us/img535/6655/img016xl.jpg">

    This is one of the basic armor designs, I am still working on it... but this is pretty final.

    <img src="http://img145.imageshack.us/img145/5384/img009hc.jpg">

    This is a pretty basic assault rifle.

    , I was about to reply to you but then I saw the last thing you said. I will email you instead.

    daamee, Do you have any examples of your work that I could see? I know how to use Construct just fine. I have been working with it for over a year now. I just need graphics.

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