A call to ban all Ghost Shooter clones.

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  • Truly, the words ghost, shooter, and exe should not be in the same post

  • In short, with Ghost Shooter mods, don't post EXEs to Your Creations, post .caps to Uploads. That's my stance, anyone with me?

    This. All of it.


  • To be honest, it's not as bad as the problem with the Racing Line clones in the KNP world in 95 (Some of them even exploitative and 'shareware' contradicting the strict usage license of the KNP software applied to games)

  • i second the creation of a forum for beginners to post about their experiments and give each other feedback and whatnot

    either that or have a forum for experimentation where anyone can post snippets or test out ideas and the like

  • split the creations forum into categories: demos (proof of concept, simple demos, GS clones), games (actual playable games), utilities (zomg 3dmesh tool) etc.

    agree; banning is a bit harsh, especially for newbies getting pumped on understanding ghost shooter. instead of putting them off as lame, the community signal should be a friendly welcome & the advise to get cracking on something original asap. separation of demos/tests, finished games and tools sounds like a nice idea in any case.

  • I agree that they should either be allowed only in a separate "your ghost shooter mod" sub forum, or be only allowed as .caps in the uploads section. Make a rules sticky which mentions that anything created from ghost shooter is not allowed in the main "your creations" section (as it is for original works only), but in the sub forum.

  • Maybe the rules sticky and guidelines should be updated to state that minor alterations and modifications of existing games shouldn't be posted then? I think the uploads forum if at all would be the place to ask for help modifying ghost shooter.

  • I am aware that this topic is old but I don't think I should open a new topic for just this question.

    Are fangames allowed? or they are just as bad as the Ghost Shooter clones?

    Should you prefer a fan game or a game with original and crappy graphics? example my crappy E.V.E X game)

    So far I can't draw crap hence I stick to fangames and/or sprites.

  • I quite like fan games, myself. I intend to resurrect a few 80's games myself, eventually.

    Graphics are the bane of many a programmer, you know. That's why there are so many roguelikes around.

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  • Well with fangames I am referring to Sonic, Mario, Megaman, Street Fighter and the such not the retro ones, the retro fangames are cool tough.

  • Well with fangames I am referring to Sonic, Mario, Megaman, Street Fighter and the such not the retro ones, the retro fangames are cool tough.

    Well... depending on which game in the series that you're referring to it COULD Be retro.

    Anyway, I doubt that anyone is really going to have a problem with fangames.

    There are no fangame-specific tutorials aimed at new users like there is with "Ghost Shooter", so if someone makes a fangame then they are at least recreating it's gameplay through skill/innovation.

    Still, it's a bit harsh to outright BAN all GS Clones. A sticked thread for newcomers to post their first success with making a GS Clone sounds fair enough. People have to start SOMEWHERE, after all.

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