Breaking the GNU agreement

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  • Hi Krush!

    Guess you may want to read the email form Aptana he?

    You people are really sick, real sick!

  • #Krush!

    You need a doctor, really!

  • I think it is great that you are spreading Construct out to other users and getting more publicity for Construct. That can't be a bad thing. It would be nice if you actually mentioned Construct in bold when you are selling it. You seem like a reasonable guy. Heck, you can put together a nice package of everything and make it easier for people to use it (just be straightforward about what you are doing).

    However, you have a poor attitude about this whole thing and you are going about selling this all the wrong way.

    1. There are probably some license issues with selling Construct, who knows....

    More importantly:

    2. If you are going to use other people's games as advertisements or part of your product it is courtesy to ask for permission (copyright or no copyright explicitly listed). Since Deadeye never explicitly said it was fine to use his game image you should give courtesy. I'm sure people would not have had any issue if you simply asked. Of course, they may have issue now.

    It doesn't really matter if you are doing this to help Construct, for fun, or whatever... you still need to ask permission to use other people's work.

  • #Krush!

    You need a doctor, really!

    <img src=""> <img src=""> <img src="">

    Like I said earlier, I've seen this before with MFME (fruit machine emulator), and the response from people found to be selling it was the same as we're seeing here.

    eBay let too much of this go on, which is why I've used it once or twice in about 5 years.


  • Fact of the matter is, if he did not include the source, he broke the GPL. He also broke any copyrights where permission was not given for a game or artwork that was posted.

    Need to rethink your scam.

  • Some of the prices are not ?1.99 (and that's only the starting bid anyway), as I've seen some are ?3.99.

    The argument that it's merely covering costs isn't true because CD's are cheap and postage is extra anyway.

    Anyone who has their artwork or games/demos included should at least be asking for a cut, because he's clearly making money on them.

    He's not doing it out of the goodness of his heart.

  • #Scidave

    As I mentioned, I made a screenshot of Deadeyes game and placed it on the cover.

    Now, that was actually my screenshot. Anyway, I removed the screenshot. No unauthorised game was ever used on a CD and I mean no unauthorised game.

    The games CDs I sell are all Open Source under GPL and similar licenses.

    I do not steal. We have a small business.

    Construct is licensed under the GPLv2! There is no way round it.

    The license is clear. As I mentioned, it would help a lot if some people on this forum would read licenses.


    So you must know a lot about me and my sales then.

    My god, how sick!


    So, what is the price then? As you seem to know the GPL good, you can tell me!

  • #6Fix

    So you must know a lot about me and my sales then.

    My god, how sick!

    Only what's in this thread. Someone here was suckered by your garbage and said that the source wasn't there. You broke GPL if true.

    On a side note, it won't take many reports to get his account shut down, so we're off to a good start.

  • #6Fix

    Tell me, if the source wasn't there, why should I add the source?

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  • The GPL states you are required to include it if you are going to sell it. I wouldn't care if you had done at least that, but there is still the issue of the peoples work you stole from the forums.

  • That is not true!


    "You must make sure that they, too, receive or can get the source code. And you must show them these terms so they know their rights."

    Read - receive OR CAN GET the source code.

    There is a link where the source code can be found.

    Any questions?

  • First of all I said "if true," but you are also ignoring the things stolen from the forums.

    You sure are quick to defend yourself, being so innocent.

  • "Stolen from the forums"


    Anyway, I have other things to do than try to explain other people that never read a license how the GPL works.

    I will consider my selling if the Scirra team do not calm some people down and explain them that it is "free" software - or better explain them what "free" means, as they still don't understand the meaning of "free"!

    I tried it anyway!

  • "You sure are quick to defend yourself, being so innocent."

    Get a life!

  • I have a wonderful life thanks, and make more money than you ever will with a legitimate job.

    Using someone's artwork for profit without permission is copyright infringement. All they have to do is report it.

    Which is all I have left to say. If your IP was stolen, go report his stuff and be done with it. I'm not going to reply anymore

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