Best Indie Game You Ever Played?

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  • There are many, but I am going to say first Gesundheit! by Matt Hammil. I played the original one for Waindows.

    Castle Crashers is very good too.

  • In no particular order:

    • Bastion
    • Machinarium

    Hmm, I thought I had more. This is a good sign I need sleep. ^_^

  • Jamestown.

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    Got it during the christmas steam sale. Really, really worth the money I'd say. One of the few shmups that I actually enjoy immensely. I've beat it on Divine difficulty, Judgement up next! =3

  • Im sure a lot of great games ive played have been indies but im just not aware of it. One (unbelievably good game) that i know was "Another World".

    Apparently all made by one guy? - an inspiration for us all! ;)

  • that would be Wurm-Online. but about 4 years ago. as for today it sucks heh.

    oh and Samorost 1 and 2.

  • Thanks for more great suggestions guys.


    Hey, another 'Another World'er! What an amazing game; way ahead of it's time...Another World would have been quite an accomplishment for a team, but for one guy, developing in the early 90's? Absolutely unbelievable, and still holds up today. He even has it on his site for free now; the one thing I would say is: play it with an emulator that has save states. The difficulty is very frustrating at times, to the point of almost ruining the game, but well worth suffering through. The designer -- Eric Chahi -- also worked on a neat game called Heart of Darkness that's worth looking up; has some similarities to Limbo, though the art and vibe is totally different. He also just released a game called 'From Dust' on Xbox live which is really fascinating; totally different concept.

  • Haha yes, when you add in the loading time the game it was quite painful. Ive tried to use Amiga emulators on the pc but its just not the same. I guess it'll never be the same though (the glory days). I need an old school amiga monitor lol.

    Im familiar with those games i had no idea it was his work. I might give From Dust a go. Cheers.

  • There's too many to list. However, for 2011 one that had quite an impact on me was To the Moon. Its a very short RPG but the combination of great storytelling and superb music/soundtrack really made it stood out. Highly recommended.

    Another standout indie game for IOS was Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP.

    And if you really into those retro arcade games, check out Totally Tiny Arcade

  • Nice list, I'll have to look all of these games up. I haven't played a lot of indie games, but Limbo to me is outstanding, and Another World was even more amazing than that at the time. I was hooked on Limbo from the time I saw the demo video a few years before the game actually came out.

  • Kaipuu , i love the storyline , music and the gamplay.

  • Right now I'm really enjoying 3079 by Phr00t. I'm not sure if I can call it the best I've played yet since I'm just starting into it, but it could be the sci-fi Minecraft I've wanted before I even found Minecraft =P

  • Dwarf Fortress is easily the best indie game in almost every respect to me.

    Other than that I enjoyed Dungeons of Dreadmor, Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, Desktop Dungeons, Dungeon Defenders, and Terraria. However I still think Dwarf Fortress easily beats any of those, and in my opinion it's probably the greatest game, not just indie game, ever created all around.

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  • I'd say Super Meat Boy and Machinarium.

  • Well right now i'm addicted to Legend of Grimrock. Great game.

  • Three good ones which have blown my mind are Limbo as mentioned earlier, Braid really good (However some puzzles are solid to solve)Bastion the art and music are truly phenomenal while Steam Summer sale is on I recommend checking one of them out.

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