Best digital art tutorial/course ?

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  • Hi, do you know some good tutorials/courses on digital art?

    I see a lot of then, some free, some paid, but I wanna hear from you guys that already learned or are learning, what are the best ones and witch do you recommend?

    It can be pixel art, but not necessarily. Just wanna some good options to analyze.


  • I've not done any art courses, but just saw that Udemy has a sale on, so you might want take a look at the top rated art courses on there while they're cheap.

  • Indeed, Udemy is a very good learning platform. There are many excellent courses about Construct 2 / 3.

    Personally I like "Make a space pinball game" and the "Fish Frenzie" courses very much.

    What them also make a bargain is the fact that those Construct 2 lectures also can be used with Construct 3.

  • I took some Affinity Designer courses and in fact they where very good.

    I find teachers like Brian Jackson, Dawid Tuminski, Daniel Evans and Ronny McBride very good. I bought graphic courses from all of them.

    Also Jeremy Esteban is a very good teacher. John Bura, Greg Pugh courses about Construct are also excellent.

    There is a lot of choice on Udemy. You always find an interesting course.

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  • Nice, they seems to be good indeed, I'll have a look and pick some, thanks for the tips mates!

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