anyone know about train2game and TIGA?

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  • I had a run in today with some people who, i am convinced are running a scam by offering education and qualifications in games design/testing/development etc. they were very pushy and pressured me into agreeing to a visit by a rep at my own home. I got suspicious and did some digging, i rang them back and they sent me this website to try and reassure me

    which looks like a crudely made clone of

    I pressed them further, accusing them of being a scam but they hung up on me. I don't expect to hear more from them, they probably know when a fish isn't biting. so if anyone has a similar experience, be careful, and if in doubt, walk away, and be sure you trust a company/website before giving them any details, especially bank details, and don't let them pressure you into something if you are unsure

    All this got me thinking:

    is train2game a legit educator?

    do game developers care about a qualification verified by TIGA?

    if legit, would it be worth studying with them?

    or am i better off just doing what i have been doing: reading whatever i can about game design and learning/developing with construct2, unity etc

    thanks guys

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