Anyone doing One Game a Month?

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  • One game a month is into it's third month now. Based off just searching for tags like Construct 2 on It does look like a good number of people who use construct 2 have joined in.

  • I started late, but I'll be entering my game for the March "Rogue"-themed game (and, no, mine is not a rogue-like...)

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  • sounds like an awesome idea. We could participate with the one game a month site, or do our own version, or both

    it's be nice for the community here to pick a theme each month and everyone work on it and share results.

    i'd suggest that rather than the theme being something specific like portculis (it kind of ties your ideas to a castle setting) it should be something more abstract to encourage innovation and variety.

    i'd suggest a theme like parenthood, or the unknown, i dunno, just not something that's gonna produce a bunch of different castle games.

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