Anger Issues

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  • [quote:2c949imj]They think that ''niggers'' are bad, they hate gay people,

    They should come to South africa where i live.I bet they would change their tune quickly if they lived in South africa.Over here if you are racist or homophobic then the chances of getting a proper job or friends are zero.

    I had too fight when i was in school ,But that was still when there was apartheid and i had to defend Myself from these racist bullies.Get a hobby to vent your anger or frustrations (not playing games)

    Something like skateboarding or even parkour.When im really angry i usually go parkouring with my friends ,If im finished then im usually to tired to be angry anymore.

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  • Well, my hobbies besisdes videogames are collecting knives and swords (you'd be suprised at what you can good at First Monday) I also like to draw, write, swim, paintball. Music, but I don't think heavy metal would help.

  • play guitar, write music or do semething creative.

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